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Our Douglasville Legal Team Protects Car Accident Victims from Suffering at the Hands of Insurance Companies That Offer Unfair Settlements

Georgia auto accidents can have devastating consequences financially on a family. Serious injuries can make working, exercising, and daily tasks difficult.  Murphy Law Firm  has helped thousands of Georgia accident victims recover compensation for their injuries. Our mission is to get you the maximum compensation. We have several offices in the greater Atlanta area to make our legal services accessible to you. We have offices in Douglas County, Paulding County, Fulton County, and Cobb County, and are just a short drive from Carroll County, GA. We can also Uber or Lyft you to us if you don’t have a car. 

Having the right accident attorney can make a BIG difference in ensuring you aren’t left with unpaid medical bills or suffering the financially disastrous consequences of going up against the insurance company alone.

Our Accident attorney gives FREE CONSULTATIONS & can meet you at any of our Georgia offices in Douglasville,  Hiram, DallasMableton, or East Point.

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Attorney James Murphy has been helping injured car accident victims for over 25 years. Murphy Law Firm is a Douglasville Car Accident Law Firm that helps people who have been hurt in car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle and drunk driving accidents.

Though no amount of money can truly make up for all you have been through, our personal injury team works hard to help victims, like you, obtain the compensation deserved.

Our settlements and testimonials are proof that we provide top-level legal representation for our Georgia clients. We want you to feel secure in your decision to hire us, because we know choosing the right lawyer can make all the difference.

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Murphy Law Firm knows insurance tactics of personal injury law in Georgia. We know how to maximize your compensation. In addition to getting you the largest settlement possible, our legal team wants to make the legal process as painless as possible. We understand that after an auto accident, you have expenses and stress to deal with, and we aren’t interested in adding legal fees to your burdens. With that in mind, your Douglasville accident attorney will work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you only pay us after you’ve won your case.

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Douglasville Attorney James Murphy

James K. Murphy is an award-winning  car accident attorney in Douglasville, GA who founded Murphy Law Firm in 2001. Additionally, James is recognized as a Best-Selling Author and as a Martindale Hubbell “BV” rated attorney, who was admitted to the Georgia Bar in 1991.

Most people have come to know James Murphy as a very active member of the community, and a big supporter of local schools. He started the Douglas County Teacher of the Month program and has multiple scholarships for high school graduates and college students. 

Attorney Murphy has opened up three additional locations in Hiram, East Point, and Mableton to help those needing legal advice, but want to stay close to home.

Douglasville Attorney James Murphy

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8302 Office Park Drive, Douglasville, GA 30134

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3401 Norman Berry Dr #113, East Point, GA 30344



44 Darby’s Crossing Dr STE 106, Hiram, GA 30141



5575 Oakdale Rd SE c1, Mableton, GA 30126

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What To Expect When You Hire



1. When You First Call

When you first contact Murphy Law Firm about your personal injury case, we will ask you a few questions about your accident. Some questions we will ask you include:

  • Date of the accident?
  • Type of accident?
  • What are your injuries?
  • What steps have you taken to resolve your case?

At that point, you will speak with our Personal Injury Attorney, who will give you a free consultation to review your case. You may have your consultation over the phone or in-person at one of our four convenient office locations. The attorney will review your case and use his 25 years of experience representing injured individuals to give you guidance on your next steps. 

If our attorney believes your case is a good fit for our law firm, we will offer a “retainer agreement”: A contract which says we will be legally representing you during your injury claim. This agreement will lawfully authorize us to speak to appropriate parties regarding your accident claim. After signing this agreement, you cannot close your case or accept a settlement without contacting us first. The retainer will also have a fee agreement which will be due upon your case settling. We do not require any upfront payment or attorney fees, as we work on a contingent fee basis. We only get paid if we win your case.


2. Getting Medical Treatment

The most important thing you can do to help your injury case is to receive regular medical treatments. Murphy Law Firm can assist you in finding a doctor and setting up appointments to treat your injuries.

We work closely with local medical providers such as chiropractors, neurologists and MRI technicians. Having a partnership with these medical professionals allows us to insure the cost of your medical treatment in place of upfront costs. This is one of the numerous ways we are able to help our clients focus on recovery, instead of worrying about about medical bills and other expenses after an injury.

When handling your case, we will be continually checking your medical treatment records. We may contact you if we notice you are not keeping up with your treatment plan or missing appointments, as this could hurt your case. It is important to be forthcoming about all of your physical and emotional symptoms. Your medical records will be used to make a legal demand for compensation from the insurance company or other liable party. In some cases, your doctor may be called by the insurance company to testify in court about your injuries.


3. Investigation and Discovery

While you are receiving treatment for your injuries, our team will be investigating and gathering evidence to support your case. We will set up an insurance claim for you if you have not already done so. We will inform the insurance company that we are representing you in your claim, and let them know to contact our firm directly about your case. In order to protect the outcome of your case, you should tell us immediately if the insurance company or defendant contacts you about your case.

We will begin gathering supporting documents including:

  • A police report or incident report
  • Medical records for emergency room visits and ambulance
  • Any expenses you have incurred due to the accident 
  • Eye witness accounts from passengers or other witnesses
  • Any video surveillance that is available

During this process, we may contact you periodically to verify the facts of your case. Our team is tasked with finding every possible piece of information we can to support your claim, so we will need your full cooperation to do so. If you have any questions during the investigation process, let us know and we will go over the status of your case and provide answers for you.


4. Negotiations or Litigation

Once your treatment is complete, or at the point where we have gathered adequate evidence, we will write a demand to the insurance company. The insurance company will most likely decline our initial demand. They will either come back with an offer, or request more evidence. If we receive an offer on your behalf, the attorney will contact you to consider it. It is up to you to determine whether you are ready to accept the offer, with guidance from the attorney. We will continue to negotiate with the insurance company until our lawyer secures a top settlement offer for your case.

Usually, the insurance company will try to settle a claim out of court. The court expenses will fall on the defendant party if they are found liable for your injuries by a court of law. If your case does go into litigation, we will file an official lawsuit on your behalf. During litigation, you will be called the “Plaintiff” who has filed a “Petition” or “Complaint” against “Defendants.”

The first stage of litigation is called “Discovery.” One of our legal team members will guide you through this process, focusing on making sure your responses to the discovery are honest and in your best interest.

At the end of the discovery, if a settlement has not been reached, the case will go to trial. During the trial, all evidence, witnesses, and arguments are presented to a judge or jury. The court determines who is at fault and what the awarded settlement should be.

Trials can take a long time and can also be considerably expensive. It is our goal to make sure you walk away with the largest monetary settlement possible. In some situations, the cost of going to trial will not be the best outcome. If this is the case, we will recommend that you settle out of court.


5. Settling the Case

Once we have reached a fair settlement offer, or the trial has ended, the case does not immediately end. Specific legal matters must be closed out before you can cash a check.

During the claim process, our firm gathered all the medical bills you incurred due to your accident. We compile these bills into an expense sheet, which will be recorded for you in your settlement statement. It is our job to make sure all of your outstanding medical charges and expenses get paid before your case is closed.

During the settlement, the insurance company will usually require that you give up any future right to claim compensation for the same accident and injury. If you have any questions regarding your claim, you should ask your attorney before signing the settlement. After signing the agreement from the insurance company, you will receive a settlement check.