$200,000 Herniated Disc Settlement for Georgia Car Accident Victim

Last updated Tuesday, May 9th, 2023

You know, not only does a car accident interrupt your life, it can sometimes permanently change your life.

Let me tell you about Mark. Mark was a hard-working young guy, who moved furniture all day long, drove his truck, was able to make good money, pays his bills, and even pay his ex-wife’s child support, Mark was doing well. 

But then, this car accident occurred out of nowhere, and he had to figure out something to do because now, he had a herniated disc in his neck, and he was not going to be able to lift the furniture.

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He, unfortunately, lost his job. When I met Mark in my Douglasville office, he had no idea what to do. Well, we had to run through some things…

First, we had to talk to his ex-wife about differing some of the child support checks. It wasn’t that he was not going to pay his child support, but we had to have her hold off for a little while until Mark could get back on his feet. The next thing we had to do was get him under the care of an orthopedic surgeon. 

The surgeon recommended physical therapy for a while, but, unfortunately, physical therapy was not going to resolve the problem for Mark.

Finally, after an MRI revealed that Mark was going to need surgery, was Mark going to have the surgery, which, in itself, had several risks that could make his condition worse or help improve it? 

Or, was he not going to have the surgery, and try to live with the herniated disk in his neck, and be limited on what he could do with his life? We helped Mark make these tough choices,

we prayed with him, several weeks had gone by, and finally, Mark decided he would have the surgery.

Mark wanted to have his life back again. He wanted to play ball with his son, and he wanted to do physical things again, so he took the chance and had surgery, and I’m happy to report – the surgery went well.

He was able to get back to his life, and we were able to settle this case for $200,000 dollars!

Out of that, he was able to pay for his surgery and his other doctors, and there was good money left over for Mark to go on vacation with his son, and do things with him, that he really enjoyed.

When we asked Mark if he was happy about the outcome of his case, He said “I’m happy with the medical help and choices Murphy Law Firm helped me to make.” “Everything was handled how it should have been.”

I can’t make guarantees for you, about how much I can get you, or what we can do for your case, but, I do promise I will help to fight for you, and answer the questions to help you make tough choices that may be necessary in your case.

If you’ve been in an accident, you may face tough choices. I will meet with you personally, I will sit down and talk to you about your case and see if we can help.

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