Are Car Accidents in Parking Lots Common?

Last updated Monday, March 20th, 2023

Did you get rear-ended while reversing your car in a parking lot? Did someone run into you while you were walking to your car? Unfortunately, parking lot accidents are more common than you think. 

Drivers and pedestrians are more distracted in parking lots than on the road. They feel they’re in a safe space and forget to check their corners, slow down, turn with caution, or walk carefully.

Being off the road doesn’t mean road safety rules don’t apply in parking lots.

Frequency of Car Accidents in Parking Lots

Did you know one of every five car accidents happens in a parking lot? 

You may think a minor, low-speed accident like that would barely leave a bump on your car or body. However, these “minor” crashes cause up to 500 fatalities and 60,000 injuries each year.

Here are the most common scenarios involved in parking lot accidents:

  • Hitting a parked car
  • Hitting a moving car while you’re trying to leave your parking space
  • Colliding while trying to rush to get the same parking spot 
  • Hitting a pedestrian with your car

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Distracted driving is the leading cause of parking lot accidents. 

You’re in a tight spot once you park your car.

You can’t predict when a vehicle is pulling in, when another is pulling out, or where the next pedestrian may come from, and plenty of blind spots to watch out for. 

It’s trickier to navigate a parking lot than it is to drive on a clear highway.

Yet, between 55-65% of drivers are texting or calling while they’re in parking lots, significantly increasing the risk of accidents.

Let’s take a look at some of the other common causes of parking lot accidents:

  • Speeding
  • Lack of proper lighting and signage in the parking lot
  • Narrow lanes 
  • Improperly sized markings for parking spaces
  • Poor weather conditions

Consequences of Parking Lot Accidents 

Although parking lot accidents tend to be low-speed collisions, you’ll be surprised to see how much stress they can cause you. There are two major consequences of parking lot accidents:

Personal injuries

It’s common to see cuts and scrapes, sprains and strains, whiplash, and airbag-related injuries being reported by drivers involved in parking lot accidents. Pedestrians are mainly the victims of severe injuries and fatalities. However, an adrenaline rush can often mask the symptoms of your injuries. 

So, it’s essential to seek medical attention right after your accident. Clearly documenting your injuries and starting treatment as early as possible is also crucial in building your insurance claim.

Property damage

Your car may not be as lucky as you when it comes to getting away unharmed in a parking lot accident. It’s common to face property damage like broken headlights or tail lights, damaged bumpers, broken rearview mirrors, or scratches and bumps to the car’s body.

It can set you back anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of damage and how expensive your car is.

Georgia insurance companies can also raise your insurance premium rates by 40-60% based on how much you were at fault for the accident.

You may think they’ll take your word for it. But they’re notorious for lowballing and denying claims even though you’ve done nothing wrong. 

An experienced Georgia car accident lawyer can ensure you get the legal assistance and financial comfort you deserve.

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Hurt in a Car Accident?
Let Us Determine the Amount of Compensation Awarded to a Passenger in a Car Accident Settlement.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is at fault in a parking lot accident? 

You have to prove negligence in two key aspects to establish the liability of the driver at fault:

  • The driver at-fault failed to uphold their duty of care to you.
  • Their actions directly led to your injuries and damages.

Do I need to contact the police after a parking lot accident? 

Georgia laws demand that anyone involved in a car accident must call 911 if there are any injuries, fatalities, or property damages over $500.

Even if you’re not injured or there’s minimal damage, you should still report it. The police will create a car accident report and document the accident as a neutral authority, which will be greatly helpful in processing your claim.

What should I do if I witness a parking lot accident? 

You should pull over at a safe distance from the accident scene and call 911. Assist the injured drivers or pedestrians if needed.

If you can’t pull over, you can call 911 and request the authorities report to the scene.

What are my legal options after a parking lot accident? 

If you’re injured in a parking lot accident or face any property damages, you can seek the following types of compensation:

  • Past and projected medical expenses
  • Rehab costs
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Temporarily or permanently taking away your ability to work efficiently
  • Disabilities or scarring
  • Mental suffering

How can I prevent parking lot accidents?

Driving in parking lots as consciously as you drive on the roads is essential. 

Here are some important measures you can take to avoid parking lot accident:

  • Choose a spot away from the parking lot entrance/exit. Park your car in an area with minimal congestion. 
  • Ensure your car fits properly in your parking space.
  • Check your blind spots when backing up your car or turning in the parking lot. 
  • Follow lane discipline inside the parking lot. Avoid driving diagonally or cutting corners.


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