Common Back and Neck Injuries

Back and neck injuries are unfortunately very common in auto accidents and motorcycle accidents. Murphy Law Firm’s legal team has been helping victims who have sustained injuries from Georgia auto accidents receive compensation from insurance companies. 

Our goal is to help families financially recover from the detrimental affects of back injuries and get the legal help they need to fight against the tactics insurance companies use to devalue injury claims.

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Did You Suffer a Back or Neck Injury As a Result of a Car Accident?

Back and neck injuries do happen in auto accidents. If you are injured in a car accident, you should be aware of your symptoms and get treatment right away. It is possible that if the auto accident was not your fault, you may be able to recover compensation for significant injuries

Below is a list of some common back and neck injuries we have helped victims of a Georgia auto accident receive compensation for:

Common Back and Neck Injuries

Whiplash from a car accident:

One of the most common injuries from a car accident is a neck/back injury. In general, this type of injury is called whiplash. There are varying degrees of whiplash. Many whiplash injuries that are caused by being involved in a car accident are commonly referred to as soft-tissue injuries. They are called soft-tissue injuries because the soreness and swelling that comes about is a result of muscle tissue damage. Generally, muscle tissue damage heals through therapy and time. However, not all whiplash injuries are simply soft-tissue injuries. The more serious type of whiplash injury is known as a herniated disc.

Herniated Disc from a car accident:

The spine consists of vertebrae that are separated by sponge like substances called discs. When a disc in your spine ruptures, this is known as a herniated disc. A herniated disc can be in the neck (cervical), mid back (thoracic), or lower back (lumbar).

As we age, we all have some level of degenerative disease at various levels of our spine. This comes from the normal wear and tear of the aging process. Insurance companies are known to argue that if you are claiming a herniated disc from a car accident, they will say it is related to a preexisting condition that you have or from the natural aging process. A fully herniated disc can be a long-term injury which can cause immense pain and suffering and may require surgery. So, don’t let the insurance company try to sweep your case under the rug. Sometimes it’s necessary to protect your rights and hire a lawyer to fight the insurance company for all that you are entitled to.

Cervical Fracture from a car accident:

When I went to the emergency room after my car accident, they took x-rays and told me that I have a cervical fracture. What should I do?

While whiplash is perhaps the most common injury you might have from a car accident, there are varying degrees of whiplash. Often, when you go to the emergency room after being in a car accident, the doctor may be concerned that you have suffered something more serious than a common soft-tissue whiplash injury. One of the more serious injuries that I have seen to the neck is called a cervical fracture. Cervical fractures are from any break in the seven cervical vertebrae in the spine.

I have seen some doctors miss a cervical fracture from an x-ray at the emergency room. Only later, after an MRI or CT scan, was it revealed to the client that he had a cervical fracture. So, my advice to most clients is that if you have had a serious neck injury from a car accident that is continuing to cause you problems, you should see an orthopedic doctor to get a second opinion.

Once you have been diagnosed with a cervical fracture, there are various forms of treatment that a doctor might recommend. Some of the treatments that our clients have had include: physical therapy, immobilization of the neck and head, wearing a neck brace, even surgery is necessary in some cases. A cervical fracture can be serious, and can sometimes be a long-term injury from a car accident. It is important that your injury is properly documented if you are going to make a claim against a negligent driver who has caused you to suffer this injury.

Facet Syndrome from a car accident:

Sometimes it’s not so easy to diagnose a back injury. Your orthopedic doctor has looked at your MRI. He does not see a herniated disc, but you are still experiencing pain in your back. The medical doctor, or chiropractor, believes that after three months of treatment you should have recovered from the soft-tissue whiplash injury.

One common injury that we see from car accidents is called facet syndrome. Facet syndrome is a term used to describe pain in the back or neck that is chronic. This pain stems from the facet joints of the spine. The facet joints of the spine are linked together to give the spine stability and control.

I have often seen pain management doctors diagnose clients with facet syndrome after an accident. If you continue to have problems with your back after a car accident, it may be important to contact a pain management doctor to determine if you have facet syndrome. If you are diagnosed with facet syndrome, it may be important for you to ask your doctor if it was caused by the car accident. This can be very important for your personal injury case.

  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Radiating pain from the lower back to the buttocks and upper portion of the leg
  • Difficulty rotating the neck
  • Migraine headaches
  • Difficulty standing up straight
  • Trouble getting up from a seated position
  • Problems with any spinal cord based movement

Can Spondylosis be affected by a car accident?:

Even if your neck wasn’t impacted during your auto accident, you may feel pain as a result of a preexisting condition you weren’t even aware you had.

Spondylosis is a degenerative condition in the spine that may show up as you get older. Most often, the term spondylosis is used to describe osteoarthritis of the spine, but it is also commonly used to describe any manner of spinal degeneration.

In most people after the age of 50, the discs between the vertebrae become less spongy and provide less of a cushion. Bones and ligaments get thicker, encroaching on the space of the spinal canal. The bones of the spine lose their place, sometimes they press on the nerve, which can cause a victim in an auto accident a great deal of pain.

Osteoarthritis be affected by a car accident?:

Osteoarthritis often causes pain on a daily basis and gets progressively worse over time, sometimes significantly affecting one’s posture.  Since the condition develops often in the elderly, many people assume that OA’s tendency to worsen over time means that it develops only due to wear and tear of the body, a common misconception.  In reality, the condition can be caused by other factors and, in such cases, is termed secondary osteoarthritis.  A common cause of secondary OA is prior injury to the joints, which occurs in many car accidents, and surgery, which is sometimes necessary after car accidents.