Common Accident Injury: Traumatic Brain Injury

traumatic brain injury

Usually, a person sustains a brain injury when they have suffered some sort of trauma to the head. One very common cause of TBI (Traumatic brain injury) is an auto accident. However, it is also possible to sustain an injury from an accident at work. A brain injury can range in severity from mild concussions […]

Can Car Accidents Cause Facet Syndrome?

facet syndrome

Could Your Facet Syndrome Be Related to Your Car Accident? Facet syndrome is not easy to diagnose and must be diagnosed by a professional medical doctor. Facet joints, which are about the size of your knuckles, exist at the back of each vertebra along the spine, enabling and controlling many of the forward, backward, and […]

Can I Get Spondylolisthesis from a Georgia Car Accident?

Spondylolisthesis Hiram Lawyer for Workers Compensation

Could My Spondylolisthesis Have Been Caused by My Car Accident? Yes, it is possible to get Spondylolisthesis from a car accident. Spondylolisthesis happens when your vertebrae are forced out of place by a traumatic impact, and more either forward or backward. This type of injury can certainly be caused by a car accident. Our previous […]

Post Traumatic Osteoarthritis After A Car Accident

osteoarthritis after a car accident

Some car accident victims wonder why they experience soreness or stiffness for the first few days after a crash, followed by no pain at all.  What many of them don’t know is that a delay in symptoms of injury and pain is relatively common after car accidents.  Despite the fact that arthritis is typically known as a condition that develops over […]

Ulnar Nerve Injuries From A Car Accident

ulnar nerve injury

An Ulnar Nerve Injury is an injury in the nerve that runs from the neck into the hand. This type of injury can cause sensation problems and movement problems in the hand and wrist. This condition caused by an ulnar nerve injury is also called Ulnar Nerve Palsy. What is an Ulnar Nerve? The ulnar nerve […]

Scarring and Abrasions from a Georgia Auto Accident

scarring and abraisions car accident

Did You Sustain Scarring or Skin Abrasions From a Car Accident? Bodily Scarring Can I Get Money if an Auto Accident Left Scars (or marks) on My Skin? You may be able to receive money if scarring and abrasions from a car accident left marks on your skin. I understand how frustrating handling your Georgia […]