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Common Accident Injury: Broken Bones and Loss of Limb

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It takes quite a bit of force to break bones in the body, and the force of the impact from an auto accident or a major incident at work can cause this common accident injury. It is not uncommon for an impact of that nature to cause an even more serious complication that requires amputation. When such serious injuries occur, it can be devastating to a family. The family member suffering may be very limited at first and require major medical attention that is expensive and prolonged. During such time, a family must focus on helping the family member get the proper medical care.

Insurance companies would love to minimize the impact of the auto accident or work injury, and may even try to deny the injury claim altogether. It is VERY important to retain an attorney very soon after such a serious injury, as you will need help protecting your rights to fair compensation.

Fractured/Broken Bones:

If you sense any pain after an accident, it is very important to go get checked out right away, to make sure the proper medical attention is received, and to make sure there is no internal bleeding. Waiting or getting no treatment could be dangerous, prolong your recovery, and cause permanent issues.

What Exactly is a Fractured Bone?

The injury is a medical condition in which a break in the continuity of the bone has occurred. Though fractures can be caused by other medical conditions that weaken the bones, they are often the result of an impact, force, or stress on the body. You may tell someone that you have a “broken bone” after receiving a fracture in a high-impact automobile wreck or another type of accident, but the technical term in orthopedic medicine is “fracture” rather than “break.

How Do Doctors Diagnose Fractures?

According to medical experts, X-rays allow doctors to determine the extent of a fracture, see exactly where the break is, and determine the extent of the injury. Occasionally, doctors may also recommend that an accident victim undergo a computerized tomography (CT) scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Is Surgery Ever a Treatment Option for a Fracture (broken bone)?

Yes. Surgical treatment for fractures may include:

  • Fusion (for Spinal Fractures) – Fusing or joining two vertebrae to stop painful movement,
  • Vertebroplasty (for Spinal Fractures)– Inject bone cement into compressed or fractured vertebrae,
  • Implant artificial discs between injured discs (for Spinal Fractures)– Provides stability and eliminates pain.
  • For arm and leg fractures, surgery into the area of the broken bone may be necessary to implant fixation devices, such as wires, plates, nails or screws. This is to maintain proper alignment.

Loss of Limb / Amputation:

A car accident can cause a crash victim’s fingers, toes, hands, feet or even an entire limb to be so severely damaged that reconstruction is not an option. Sometimes an appendage may be severed by sharp metal or by being crushed a car crash. In some cases, surgical amputation may be required after a car accident to prevent further damage or to save a person’s life.

While most individuals who experience the loss of a limb have the potential to attain a high degree of function and a satisfying quality of life, the pain and suffering from the loss of a limb, both physically and psychologically, requires little explanation.

If you or a loved one have suffered a common accident injury and have questions about your accident or your potential personal injury case, please contact us today for a free legal consultation at 770-577-3020.

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