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1. Write a 500-word essay answering the following topic:

ESSAY TOPIC: Why texting and driving has become the #1 killer for teens, and your suggestions of how to break the habit of texting and driving.  (The essay should include statistics on texting and driving.)

2. Send your (1) essay and (2) a photo of your most current report card to prove you are a graduating 12th grader of a school in Douglas County, GA.

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Ms. Jayla Campbell, LSHS

Texting While Driving – The #1 Killer for Teens

Who knew that sending a quick text message would end an innocent life so fast? According to, teens are four times more likely than adults to get into a car accident. Teens are easily distracted by their phones. Even at home, we barely pay attention to television unless we have our phones right next us. The first thing teens do when they wake up is look at their cellphones! Throughout the day, approximately 660,000 drivers are attempting to use their phones while behind the wheel of an automobile.

In general, even adults text while driving, but teenagers are most likely to injure or kill themselves and others when they do it. The question is why? Why are teenagers more easily distracted by cell phones, and why are they so eager to text while driving?

In my opinion, most teenagers don’t realize that when driving, you are also driving for other cars around you. Some teens learn their driving habits from their parents, and they don’t take driver’s education courses, so they don’t see the importance in driving. Why can’t teens wait until they stop? Why does a teen’s impulse drive them to pick up their cellphone while driving? Most studies say it is because teens are easily distracted by cellphones, which is true. Cell phone usage is higher in ages 16-24 than any other age group. Getting in a car and driving does not redirect a teenager’s attention to only the road. Though most know how important it is to be safe while driving, people will still have their cellphone close by. With the invention of even better smartphones, it gets teens more attached to their cellphone. The number of teenagers who text and drive are now higher than teens who drink and drive.

Agency officials describe texting as being the worst distraction of any driver, because texting requires manual, visual, and mental processing. If you look at statistics, most teens will openly admit to texting while driving. Even though most states in the United States have made it illegal to text while driving, statistics show that teenagers still do it, and the result is that some get injured or killed. It will be very hard to stop texting while driving for teens completely. However, there are a few ways we could lower the risk.

My idea involves creating a system in every car that will automatically shut down texting while driving. Just like Bluetooth connects to a driver’s phones automatically, there should be a system made for every car to pick up the drivers’ phone. The system should be created in every car and also made separate for most people who already have a car. This will lessen car accidents and injuries for anyone, and not just teens. There will be some complications with creating a system that only picks up the driver’s phone, but it isn’t impossible. After a car is parked or stopped, the phone should allow the person to text, but not while the car is in drivers mode. Hopefully with the advances in technology, we can bring accident caused by texting and driving to an end.