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Did You Suffer a Head Injury As a Result of a Car Accident?

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Common Head Injuries from Car Accidents:


I was in a car accident and I hit my head. The emergency room doctor examined me for a concussion, but then released me. What should I do?

Whenever I hear that a client has hit his head in a car accident, I am glad to hear that he went to the hospital and was evaluated. If you hit your head in a car accident and have not been evaluated for a concussion, you should be. You never know how serious your injury could be when you hit your head after a car accident. Often, the hospital emergency room doctors will perform a CAT scan or other tests to determine the severity of the concussion and recommend the appropriate treatment.

In most cases, car accident victims make a complete recovery after a week or so. However, some concussions can be serious and life-threatening.  Always seek medical attention if you suffer any of the signs of a concussion.

Signs of a Concussion from a Car Accident

Some of our clients who have suffered a concussion from a car accident have described the following symptoms:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Ringing in the ear
  • Mood changes
  • Poor sleep
  • Headaches
  • Seizures

A head injury from a car accident can lead to a life-altering disability. Almost one-third of injury-related deaths come from concussions that result in a traumatic brain injury. If you or a loved one have suffered a concussion or brain injury as a result of being in a car accident, consult with an experienced attorney right away.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

I went to the hospital after a car accident, and I was told that I may have a traumatic brain injury. What should I do?

One of the most undocumented and unrecognized injuries that I see from car accidents is traumatic brain injury (TBI). A brain injury can range in severity from a mild concussion to significant brain tissue damage. Sometimes clients don’t realize that they have it.

If you hit your head at all as a result of being in a car accident, get checked out by the emergency room doctor or your own personal physician right away. Follow up with your doctor if your symptoms do not go away. Some doctors do not diagnose problems related to a brain injury right away. Failure to diagnose a brain injury right away can prove to be fatal.

Do you have any of these symptoms? If so, you might have a traumatic brain injury: 

  • Can’t sleep
  • Excessively tired
  • Moodiness
  • Stomach sickness
  • Light-headed
  • Confusion
  • Head pain

A mild injury to the brain is still a serious injury and requires immediate medical attention. For more information about cases that I have handled and the stories of people who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries, click this link to my Traumatic Brain Injury Book (available soon – please contact our office at 770-577-3020).

DISCLAIMER: It is important to note that this is general information, and should not be considered “legal advice.” I have been handling personal injury cases for many years, and can offer general answers to common questions, but please do not construe anything on this website to be legal advice about your case. Each case is different. An attorney can only give legal advice when he or she understands the facts involved in your caseThere are also strict time limitations on filing a personal injury claim. You should contact a personal injury attorney immediately if you have questions about your case.

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