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We are very excited to have an office in Paulding County to help out Hiram and Dallas families. Attorney James Murphy has helped thousands in Georgia recover monetary compensation for injuries related to auto accidents, workers’ compensation, and wrongful death claims for over 20 years!

We go above and beyond for our clients, because we know how difficult life can be after being injured, especially from an auto accident or on the job. That is why we have established an office in Hiram, GA: so that clients in the area don’t have to travel too far for quality legal help.

We know you are very busy, especially now that you have a potential injury case on your hands. That’s why James Murphy offers free consultations and is willing to travel to his Hiram office just for you. We’d be happy to arrange you’re appointment. Just give us a call!


What Should You Do After an Auto Accident or Work Injury?

There are a lot of mistakes people can make that can effect a successful settlement, so it’s best to get legal advice from an experienced personal injury and worker’s compensation attorney. Our legal team is ready to answer your questions. We offer free consultations for Georgia residents, and can meet you at our Hiram Office Location (convenient for Paulding County residents).

BEFORE you call an attorney or talk to an insurance company, read the following:


When To Consider Settling the Car Accident Case Yourself:
When there is only property damage, and no one is hurt, it may be possible to settle your own case. One of two things will happen. Either they will:
  • Help you get your car fixed and possibly get a rental car while it’s being repaired.
  • Total your car and send you a check for the current value if your car (Totaling a car means that cost to repair your car will cost the insurance more money than your car is actually worth. (Example: Your car’s damage will cost $8,000 to repair, but your car is only worth $7,000. They will probably total your car.)

When to Consider Getting a Hiram Auto Accident Attorney

  1. You were driving, but the accident was NOT your fault, and you sustained serious injuries
  2. You are an injured passenger in an accident.
  3. A close family member was injured or killed in an accident
  4. Your child was seriously injured in another person’s vehicle, who may or may not have been at fault.

Why do you need a Hiram Injury attorney? In all these cases, the injured party was not responsible for the accident, and now an insurance is supposed to pay for damages. Insurance company adjusters are trained to deny or lower the value of your injury case. If you don’t receive a fair settlement, you could be left with unpaid medical bills, unpaid time off of work, or untreated injuries that could be permanent. Our goal is to make the insurance company pay you a fair and just amount.


When to Settle the Case Yourself:Unless your work injury is very straightforward, workers’ compensation can be tough to navigate in order to get benefits you may be qualified for. In fact, most people could be getting more benefits, but because the insurance company doesn’t inform the injured party, these benefits go utilized. What if your Workers’ Comp case is going to court in Douglasville? If you don’t understand the workers’ comp lingo, like “WC-3” or “this hearing is set for an all issues hearing”, and the attorneys on the other side do understand, you probably will not do well in court.When to Consider Getting a Hiram Worker’s Compensation Attorney:

  1. When your work injury puts you out of work for more than a couple of weeks.
  2. If you are having trouble getting your workers’ compensation claim approved, or getting your benefits started.
  3. You are trying to get a doctor to treat you, or if you want to switch treating doctors.
  4. If you are going to court for your Georgia workers’ comp case.