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What to Do After You Have Been Injured

Believe it or not, it can be very difficult to get a fair settlement without an attorney for a personal injury or workers’ compensation case. Our top-notch legal team in Mableton, GA will be able to answer your questions and let you know what steps to take to next to have a successful case.
Before you talk to the insurance companies, or hire an attorney, please take a minute to read over the following tips:

Auto Accidents

  1. Don’t talk to the insurance companies about your injuries, and especially don’t give a recorded statement. Insurance companies like to take a recorded statement right after the accident happens, before you even know what kind of injuries you have. Giving a recorded statement this early on can ruin your chances of getting a fair settlement. Mableton attorney, James Murphy, highly recommends not giving a recorded statement, and having a free consultation first.
  2. Get checked out by a doctor. Getting to a doctor to document all your injuries and pain right away is extremely important. Not only will a doctor be able to recommend the best kind of treatment plan, but the documentation will serve as evidence later when we are building your claim.
  3. Save all of your receipts for any expenses you’ve had to pay out that is related to the accident, such as prescriptions, rental car fees, or doctor’s office receipts. These documents may be used to calculate your compensation and work as proof in your favor.
  4. Log your injuries and their progress. Notate where and when you feel pain, along with effects that the mishap has had on your life, such as missing time from work or not being able to travel. In this log, keep track of any and all things that pertain to your personal injury case.
  5. Dial 770-577-9995 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your auto accident/personal injury case with a Mableton accident attorney.
  6. Order this Free Guide – It discusses the COMMON MISTAKES people make that can RUIN their Douglasville accident claim.

Auto Accident Guide - Mistakes to Avoid After an Accident

Workers’ Compensation

  1. Do not speak to anyone about your work injuries. Insurance companies will pressure anyone, friends, coworkers, employers, etc… to learn more about your injury, and try and prove that your injury did not happen at work, or that it is not as serious as you are claiming. Remember that the insurance company, and company doctors are looking out for the best interests of the company, not you.
  2. Have an experienced Georgia Workers’ Compensation attorney on YOUR side. The insurance company has a team of lawyers working at their disposal. You need someone who is an expert on all things workers’ compensation. Only an experience attorney will really be able to help you protect your rights as an injured worker.
  3. Getting Your Benefits Started: You may be entitled to certain benefits after a work-related injury, but they can typically be difficult to get started, and you may not be getting the full benefits entitled to you. Certain benefits may kick in after a certain amount of time being out of work. Talk to a Mableton Workers’ Compensation Attorney to learn more.
  4. Call 770-577-9995 to reach Attorney James Murphy at his Mableton, GA law office to set up a free appointment. He will discuss and evaluate your case at your convenience.
  5. Order James Murphy’s Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation – It’s FREE!

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