Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Mableton, Georgia

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Mableton, Georgia

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Are You Suffering From An Injury After a Motorcycle Accident in Mableton, GA? 

If you have been hurt in a bike crash, you need to hire an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Mableton to protect your legal rights. Motorcycle accidents often result in critical injuries and damages. When another driver’s negligence causes the crash, the victim deserves to be compensated for their damages. At Murphy Law Firm, it is the attorney’s job to represent motorcycle accident victims. It is our goal to help the injured receive the maximum amount of compensation that they deserve. 

Do not wait to contact a lawyer for legal advice after being injured. Our Mableton, GA Motorcycle Accident Attorneys are ready to help you. Call us or fill out the form for a free consultation today. 770-577-9995

How Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Mableton Help?

After a motorcycle accident in Mableton, filing a claim is not easy and requires complicated procedures, deadlines, and paperwork. It also requires the same amount of evidence as a court trial.

If approved, a lawyer will take over the entire case. They will clarify the law and the process to their clients, prepare the compensation claim on their behalf, negotiate favorable compensation, and even challenge the defendant in court.

Our motorcycle accident lawyer in Mableton has a thorough knowledge of motorcycle laws in Georgia. They will use their experience to determine fault and build a strong case. With the help of Murphy Law Firm, motorcycle accident victims will save time and money and gain some peace of mind.

Fault, Negligence, and the Role of the Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Mableton

Under Georgia laws, the at-fault driver for the accident is responsible for any damages they caused. However, the law also allows the possibility that all parties involved share responsibility. When that happens, each party covers the portion of losses resembling their percentage of fault.

This is one of the first principles that a motorcycle accident lawyer in Mableton will explain. To obtain compensation, injured victims have to show that:
  • The accident caused damages
  • The other driver caused the accident
  • The value of damages justifies the compensation amount.

To pay as little as possible, most insurance companies argue that the motorcyclist shared fault for causing the accident. Every fault percentage lowers the amount they have to pay to the claimant.

They may say that the biker violated traffic laws, such as:
  • Failed to signal their intentions in traffic
  • Failed to signal their intentions in traffic
  • Lacked adequate equipment on their bike (windshield, night lights, helmet)
  • Failed to yield right of way
  • Rode with more than one other motorcycle in the same lane
The victim will need sufficient evidence to prove their innocence. If the accident was severe, gathering the required proof could be difficult. They should obtain the help of a motorcycle accident attorney in Mableton, who can:
  • Find expert witnesses to confirm their client’s story
  • Gather evidence at the scene of the accident
  • Find witnesses and collect their testimonies
  • Use the police report to guide investigations
  • Identify nearby surveillance footage and obtain copies of the recordings

At Murphy Law Firm, we work hard to protect our clients’ interests, and we do not rest until we win. The sooner we can begin working on your case, the easier it is to win, which is why we always recommend contacting an attorney as quickly as possible after your motorcycle accident in Mableton. Call now for your free case evaluation: 770-577-9995.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in MabletonWhy Should You Contact an Attorney as Soon as Possible?

To Get Help in the Most Difficult Moments

Motorcycle accidents usually cause more critical injuries than other vehicle accidents, often leaving the victim in excruciating pain and confusion. They may make harmful mistakes, and they could ignore essential elements in their case. Immediately contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer in Mableton is the safest way to avoid mistakes.

By phone or in person, our motorcycle accident lawyer in Mableton will advise and assist you. They will teach you how to deal with the police and the insurance agents or represent you in the discussions. They will keep you focused on the essential aspects and help you avoid distractions.

Lawyers will also take over the evidence collection process, which often makes or breaks a case. Without sound evidence, a motorcycle accident claim will most likely face denial. Most of the necessary evidence is only available at the scene of the accident. Therefore it helps to rely on a motorcycle accident lawyer in Mableton from the beginning.

To Avoid Losing Evidence and Witnesses

Finding evidence and witnesses is usually easier immediately after an accident. Many businesses delete their recordings regularly, and people forget details every day, making it impossible to collect crucial evidence after several months or years have passed.

An experienced Mableton motorcycle accident attorney will start collecting evidence right away, and when they have everything they need, they will file the compensation claim. It is better to give them time to collect the proof than risk losing valuable evidence and witnesses, which could destroy your case.

To Avoid Missing the Statute of Limitations

Georgia laws allow specific deadlines for filing a claim. For most injury claims, GA Code Section 9-3-33 provides two years. GA Code Section 9-3-32 allots four years for property damage claims. The countdown begins on the date the accident occurred.

It is best to hire a lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. A dedicated motorcycle accident attorney in Mableton may be able to win more time for your case. This is sometimes possible in the case of disability, minor claimants, or late injury discovery.

To Obtain the Maximum Compensation Quicker

No matter when your attorney starts working on your case, the process is usually the same. The sooner they get started, the sooner they can finish after your medical treatment is complete. 

According to statistics, a motorcycle accident attorney in Mableton can recover more compensation for your injuries. Those who are skeptical about hiring an attorney should review the claim process.

How Do I Recover Compensation After a Mableton Motorcycle Accident?

Obtaining compensation after a motorcycle accident in Mableton involves specific steps. The victim decides whether to fight the insurance company alone or with an experienced legal team. Here are the steps involved:

Identifying the At-fault Party

The victim needs to determine whom to file their claim against, and a motorcycle accident lawyer in Mableton can help. Generally, the party responsible for paying the victim’s damages is the at-fault driver’s insurance company. If the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance, the victim’s own insurance company may be responsible for paying the damages.

Georgia requires liability insurance for motorcyclists. The minimum limits for a motorcycle policy in Georgia are the following:

  • $25,000 per event for property damage
  • $50,000 per occurrence for personal injury
  • $25,000 per person for injuries

When recommending which insurance company to file a claim against, accident lawyers consider coverage. Generally, obtaining compensation from insurers within the available coverage is easier than going to court and recovering much higher amounts. However, our experienced and dedicated motorcycle accident lawyer in Mableton loves the challenge and wants to help victims get the compensation they deserve.

Preparing, Documenting and Filing the Compensation Claim

This is considered to be the most challenging step of the claims process. The process involves putting together all of the information and evidence available into a notice of claim. The lawyer needs to send the insurance company this statement listing their intentions and their reasons for filing, which briefly summarizes the available evidence and the victim’s side of the case.

Preparing the notice of claim and proving the lawsuit is expected for any motorcycle accident lawyer in Mableton. At Murphy Law Firm, we make sure not to leave any loose ends. We aim to provide thoroughly documented and justified claims. This way, we may be able to settle faster and for higher amounts.

Negotiating the Settlement

When faced with evidence and fully documented claims, insurance companies have no option but to settle. However, their settlement offers are not always fair. Many times, they offer a low payment under conditional terms. It will help to let a lawyer review their offer before you agree to anything. The lawyer may be able to negotiate a better deal and get you more compensation.

The Verdict

Based on the available evidence and negotiation result, the insurance company will make a final offer. The claimant has the right to take it or reject it. If they refuse, they can appeal the insurance companies decision. This could mean negotiating with someone else, complaining to the Department of Insurance, or taking them to court.

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Mableton will help their client through the process. They will manage the appeal and not cease until they secure fair compensation. Murphy Law Firm’s motorcycle accident lawyer accepts contingency agreements.

A contingency agreement is when the attorney only gets paid if they win their client’s case. Their payment is usually a percentage of the compensation amount, giving the attorney intense motivation to win substantial compensation for their client.

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Mableton is the most important partner an injured victim can have.

Get an Attorney as Your Ally Now!

At Murphy Law Firm, we have some of the highest success rates. Our Mableton motorcycle injury attorney has managed to recover millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. We may be able to repeat the achievement for you as well.

We have provided many reasons to work with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Mableton. But you may be wondering, ‘who is the best Motorcycle accident lawyer in Mableton?’. We recommend choosing the experience, commitment, and dedication provided by the motorcycle accident team at Murphy Law Firm.

Please schedule a consultation with our motorcycle accident lawyer in Mableton, online or by phone. You are only one step away from paying your bills and starting a new life recovering from your accident. Let us help you today! 770-577-9995

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