Motorcycle Safety ASM Course, Hosted By Murphy Law Firm

Last updated Thursday, August 4th, 2022

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are common on our roads. As part of helping our valued motorcycle community, we recently hosted a full-day basic course on Motorcycle Accident Scene Management put on by Road Guardians. We know that learning what to do in the 5-30 minute time gap between when the crash occurs and an ambulance arrives is critical to any motorcycle accident.

Being prepared and knowing exactly what to do, and what NOT to do can save lives and prevent further injury, so we’re proud to be able to help make these courses happen in the Douglasville area. If you’re interested in attending a future Motorcycle Accident Scene Management Course, just reach out to us for details.


About ASM

As the most renowned Motorcycle Trauma Training Organization in the US and around the world, Accident Scene Management (ASM) has trained over 35,000 rides through the expertise of over 100 instructors in 32 states across the USA. ASM also has instructors in Australia, South Africa, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand (Asia) & Canada and is the only accredited non-profit Bystander Program in the USA.

The courses that ASM puts on work to lessen fatalities and reduce injuries from motorcycle accidents. ASM courses are offered on three different levels. One of the courses is accredited, catering to the continuing education needs of all First Responders – EMTs, Firefighters, and Police Officers.

All ASM courses provide hands-on training in critical lifesaving skills. Yet, the first responder’s class focuses on the skills not normally taught in standard training i.e. how to perform a jaw thrust when someone can’t breathe, and when it is not safe to remove their helmet due to their injuries.

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