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How to Support Your Recovery By Taking Legal Action After an Accident

Atlanta has one of the highest pedestrian death rates in America. It is currently ranked as the 8th deadliest city for pedestrians.

Things aren’t getting better with time either. There’s been a nearly 60 percent increase in pedestrian fatalities from 2019 to 2022.

Atlanta is one of the most populated cities in America with severe traffic problems. And when a city gets overpopulated, no rules or systems can protect the citizens properly. When things are descending into chaos, you can’t afford any negligence on your part.

At the same time, you shouldn’t tolerate any negligence if a driver injures you. You aren’t protected by your car’s body, seatbelts, and airbags in a crash. You’re outsized and outmatched by a 4,000-pound vehicle that can severely injure you even if you’re in a low-speed crash.

Murphy’s team of pedestrian accident lawyers will ensure you’re well compensated for the damages you suffer. Protecting your rights and maximizing your settlement is what we’re here for. Give us a call today for a free case review.

The good news is that we have decades of experience handling these truck accident cases in Georgia and we are NOT afraid to fight for you!

Truck drivers often have multi-million dollar insurance policies, and more than one party may be held responsible for the negligence of that truck driver. That means having a lawyer on your side can result in a much bigger payout as we know how to hold everyone accountable for the part they played in the accident.

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Factors Contributing to Pedestrian Accidents

Here are the primary factors driving the rise in pedestrian accidents in Atlanta:

  • Increased pedestrian traffic in Atlanta
  • Impatient and reckless driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Drivers failing to yield the right of way
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Distracted driving
  • Failing to use signals while turning
  • Driver fatigue
  • Road construction
  • Pedestrians crossing the road at busy intersections and arterial roads
  • Pedestrians not using designated crosswalks
  • Distracted pedestrians

Legal Implications and Acts of Negligence

Negligence is established through a thorough investigative process. Both pedestrians and motorists owe each other a duty of care. This duty of care is served by following all traffic safety laws. Breaking them is an act of negligence.

But proving negligence is an uphill task. You need a skilled pedestrian accident lawyer to gather all necessary evidence to justify the damages you’re claiming.

The Role of an Atlanta Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

At Murphy Law Firm, we’ll embrace your legal responsibilities so fully that you won’t even realize you’re fighting a case. We want to simplify your life while we take on all the legal complexities till we win your settlement. Recovery should be a time to spend in peace with your loved ones.

Pedestrian accident cases are time-sensitive and full of obstacles from insurers and lawyers representing multiple parties. A skilled pedestrian accident lawyer can get you a much better settlement than anything you’d get without legal representation.

Here’s how an Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer can help you:

  • Accurately assessing your damages for medical expenses, lost wages, rehab, mental suffering, etc.
  • Conducting an independent investigation to identify liable parties
  • Collecting evidence from valid sources
  • Getting eyewitness statements
  • Filing your claim
  • Negotiating with insurers to increase your settlement as much as possible
  • Filing a lawsuit and taking your case to trial

Pedestrian Rights and Responsibilities

Pedestrians can enjoy safe passage on roads as long as they do it responsibly.

You have the right to use the roads just like motorists to move around as long as you follow these responsibilities properly:

  • Use sidewalks or designated crosswalks
  • Follow all traffic signals at the crosswalk
  • You must yield the right of way to traffic if you’re crossing the road without using a crosswalk
  • Yield the right of way to any ambulances, fire brigades, police cars, and funeral vehicles passing by
  • Avoid walking around on roads in an intoxicated state
  • Avoid distractions while navigating the streets

If you’re caught violating these rules, you’re breaching your duty of care as a pedestrian, which means you could be held liable for negligence too.

Georgia follows a modified comparative negligence standard for evaluating pedestrian accident settlements. It means your share of the fault determines your settlement. If you share 20 percent of the fault for the accident, your settlement will be deducted by 20 percent. However, you can only seek compensation if you share no more than 50 percent of the fault for the accident.

Drivers’ Responsibilities and Duties

Here are some important duties that drivers must fulfill to keep pedestrians safe:

  • Yield the right of way to pedestrians at crosswalks
  • Give pedestrians the right of way while exiting your vehicle from a parking lot or garage
  • Follow all traffic signals
  • Use the turning lights to signal before maneuvering your car
  • Follow the speeding limits in the area
  • Avoid driving in poor visibility conditions
  • Avoid any distractions or intoxicants while driving

Murphy Law: Providing Legal Assistance

Injured pedestrians generally suffer far more damage than the drivers who hit them. You could be facing a life-threatening injury that permanently affects your health, job, and relationships. We’re committed to getting you everything you need to reclaim your quality of life. So we won’t give up till we’ve secured a settlement that covers your urgent and long-term needs.

And you don’t have to pay us a dime until we do. We’ll take care of all your legal heavy lifting till we win your settlement. You only pay when we deliver it.

Check out our success stories for pedestrian injury cases to see how clients like you were able to turn their lives around. Call us for a free consultation today to understand the most effective legal path for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should pedestrians do to stay safe in Atlanta?

Here are some essential responsibilities to follow as a pedestrian in Atlanta:

  • Stick to designated crosswalks and sidewalks
  • Follow all traffic signals
  • Allow traffic to safely pass by first if you’re crossing the road without a crosswalk
  • Yield the right of way to any emergency vehicles using the road
  • Don’t walk around in an impaired or intoxicated state
  • Avoid distractions like texting, calling, watching videos, and eating in a busy area

How can an Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer help?

Murphy’s Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyers are here to protect you from liability and win a settlement that helps you fully recover. We use a rich network of resources to gather evidence, file your claim, negotiate with multiple parties, or take your case to trial.

Our dedication and diligence will pay off when the liable party agrees to raise their offer and give you what you truly deserve.

What are the legal consequences for drivers in pedestrian accidents?

You can file a claim or lawsuit against any driver who breached their duty of care and caused your injuries.

How does Georgia's comparative negligence system work?

Georgia abides by a modified comparative negligence system. You can seek compensation for your damages if you share no more than 50 percent of the fault for the accident. However, your compensation is reduced by your percentage of fault. So If you share 20 percent of the fault for the accident, your settlement will be cut by 20 percent.

Can pedestrians be compensated if they were partially at fault?

Yes. You can still file a claim as long as you share no more than 50 percent of the fault for the accident.


What factors determine the success of a pedestrian injury case?

Here are the main factors that drive your claim’s success:

  • Your percentage of the fault for the accident
  • Your severity of injuries
  • The credibility and depth of evidence
  • Your strength of legal representation
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