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Updated May 2021

Do I Need to Find a Car Accident Lawyer Near Me?

If you are wondering if you need a car accident lawyer, it is likely that you’ve just been in an auto accident. The sad truth is that car accidents are the leading cause of injury death in Georgia (there were over 1600 fatalities in 2020) and car wrecks are the second most common reason for people to be hospitalized or visit the ER.

Douglas County is working hard to make our highways safer and you’ll see work at various sites around the area which is designed to improve life for road users and pedestrians. Our local government is even supporting initiatives to create safe routes for children to access schools without cars. This is a great move to improve safety and reduce pollution. But, we also know that there are dangerous intersections and routes around Douglasville and the neighborhood so it’s no surprise that people still need auto accident lawyers.

If you are injured in a car accident – whether you were a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian – then you should get fair compensation. We know this can be hard to get without a specialist lawyer for car accident with experience of personal injury so we are here to help.

With more than 25 years of experience behind us, Murphy Law Firm has helped clients after all kinds of auto accidents. As a leading car accident law firm, we will investigate your claim thoroughly and gather all the evidence we need to ensure you receive full compensation for your claim.

We handle a wide variety of accidents including Semi-Truck Accidents, Drunk Driving Accidents and Motorcycle Accidents. If you need to make a claim, we are here to help.

How Will a Car Accident Attorney Help?

If you have been injured in a car wreck and had to get medical treatment then you will have bills to pay. Similarly, if you had to take time off work and you lost income then your household might be facing financial difficulties. Even time off school can create problems for you. Whatever the challenge, you deserve and need compensation for your car accident.

We know that finding the best car accident attorney can make the difference between accepting a settlement that won’t even pay your emergency room bills and getting full compensation for your injuries. Our law firm has many years of experience and they know about the Georgia insurance laws so we can help you:

  • Complete the lengthy paperwork from doctors, insurance companies and SSI/SSDI (disability) that often accompanies car accident claims.
  • Communicate with insurance companies.
  • Locate witnesses/investigate the accident scene.
  • We handle all the details so you have time to recover.

Douglas County Car Accident FAQs

Are you ready to move your case forward?

With Murphy Law, you get car accident lawyers who know Douglas County really well. We have the skill and experience required to critically evaluate the factors that led to your accident. We also know local investigators who can support us in gathering all the facts we need for your case. Plus, we look at your immediate medical needs and expenses, as well as long term issues including:

  • Injuries
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Lost Wages
  • Medical Bills

If you need a medical specialist for your injuries, we have a strong network of sympathetic professionals who will treat your injuries. We can even make arrangements to delay payment of medical costs until your case is resolved through settlement or trial.



Cause: Another driver was traveling on the wrong side of the road and caused a head-on collision.

Injuries: Traumatic brain injury and multiple bodily lacerations



Cause: Our GA client sustained a very painful fractured ankle in a car accident.

Injuries: Typically, ankle fractures merit surgery, a cast and multiple doctor visits. A long rehabilitation period was required before the client could resume a normal lifestyle.


Hurt In An Accident? Review Your Case, For FREE

We want to help you get through one of the most stressful experiences you can have. Tell us about your car accident and one of our Personal Injury Lawyers will review it, for free, within one business day.

How Much Is My Car Accident Worth?

Murphy Law Firm represents people just like you who have been injured or have lost loved ones in a Douglasville car accident.

We understand the importance of getting you compensation to help rebuild your life and the lives of your family. You deserve the best quality of life possible.

Our car accident lawyer in Douglasville helps injured victims receive compensation for:

• Injuries
• Missed Work
• Medical Bills
• Pain and Suffering


How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer in Douglasville Cost?

At Murphy Law Firm, we believe that finances shouldn’t hold anyone back from getting proper legal representation. That is why our consultations are free, and you pay nothing unless we get you money. You only pay if we win. If we don’t get you financial recovery, we don’t get paid.


Is There a Deadline for Filing a Car Accident Case?

Yes. Personal injury cases have various deadlines called the Statute of Limitations (SOL). The SOL depends on the type of case and who is involved. In some cases you may have two years to file your claim, but in others, you may have only weeks. The best thing you can do is speak to a car accident lawyer in Douglasville immediately.


Do I Have to Go to Court for My Auto Accident?

In many cases, the answer is no. Our law firm gathers the facts, builds the evidence for your injury case, and demands a settlement with what we deem is a fair offer. There are times the insurance company rejects the offer, and depending on how strong your case is, we may advise pursuing the matter in the local courts. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make.