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Douglasville Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs are cute… until they attack. Dog bite incidents are on the rise. These events happen in public places and private property. Hopefully something like this won’t happen to you, but if it does, you’ll need the best dog bite attorney.

Murphy Law Firm is here for you. When you need a Douglasville dog bite lawyer, we can help. Count on us for reliable, affordable representation. Our team hustles to get you the highest settlement allowed by law.

Did a dog bite you or a loved one? When someone else is to blame for your injuries, you can be compensated. Don’t ignore this offense. Such wounds can cause lingering pain and health issues. There’s a reason for our success. We specialize in winning personal injury cases focusing on dog bites.

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Can I Sue for a Dog Bite in Georgia?

Not only can you sue, but you should sue if you’re injured from a dog bite in Douglasville. We’re not talking about getting nipped by Grandma’s Pomeranian. A bite must cause harm that can be verified. Saying you have a boo-boo doesn’t count.

When medical treatment is needed for a dog bite, your case could be worth pursuing. Injuries may include one or more of the following:

  • Broken, Fractured and/or Dislocated Bones
  • Damage to Nerves and/or Tissue
  • Death
  • Disease
  • Emotional Suffering
  • Eye Trauma
  • Infections
  • Scarring or Disfigurement Requiring Cosmetic Surgery
  • Wounds Caused from Teeth

Can I be Compensated for a Dog Bite?

Yes! Just ask our clients. True, not everyone does get compensated for dog bite injuries. But we can only help victims who contact us.

When a dog attacks in Georgia, you have the right to seek compensation. Medical records must be shown. Liability needs to be proven. For the best chance of getting the settlement you deserve, you need professional representation. The team at Murphy Law Firm can unleash their skills for you.

Is the Owner Liable if Their Dog Bites Someone?

According to Georgia’s Responsible Dog Owner Act, owners can be liable for attacks by dogs under their control. The word “owners” refers to anyone in charge of the dog at the time of attack.

Groomers, doggie daycare providers, pet sitters, family members, neighbors and friends could all be legally responsible if a dog attacked while under their care. No pointing fingers at others in attempt to escape justice.

Say a friend of a friend left his dog with you for an hour while he ran to the store. The dog got out in minutes and mauled a child. You are now the responsible party. The dog was legally under your supervision.

Do I Have to Report a Dog Bite in Douglasville?

Yes and no. You should report any dog bite that happens in Georgia if you plan on pursuing a claim. No, you’re not bound by the law to report a dog bite in Douglasville. The trouble is, you’re out of luck if you develop an injury later from the bite and then try to file a claim.

Unless you’re psychic, you don’t know how a dog bite will impact your health. Hopefully the wound will heal, and your body won’t be worse off. But you just don’t know. The best way to protect yourself is to report the incident. You will then have a paper trail if things go south.

What Should You do if a Dog Bites You?

Dog attacks generally don’t happen when you’re in head-to-toe protective gear. A bite can occur out of the blue. Knowing what to do when the unexpected happens can help.

  1. Stay Calm. Panicking will only make things worse. Staying cool is especially important when you’re helping a loved one or pet who has been bitten. 
  1. Elevate the Area. Decrease swelling by lifting the injured area. This method works well for bites on legs, feet and ankles. 
  1. Control Bleeding. Stop blood from gushing by applying pressure. 
  1. Clean the Wound. Gently rinse off with water and a mild soap. 
  1. Apply Sterile Gauze. Once the wound has been cleaned and dried, wrap a sterile bandage around it. 
  1. Report the Incident. Alert Douglasville authorities. 
  1. Notify the Owner. The dog’s owner may have been on the scene. If so, be sure to get all contact information. Some investigating may be necessary to find owners who are MIA. 
  1. Seek Medical Attention if Necessary. Getting a onceover by a medical professional can give you peace of mind. You’ll also have a record of your injuries should you decide to file a claim. 
  1. Monitor the bite. Once you leave the ER, you’re not necessarily in the clear. All sorts of problems can still develop. Follow the doctor’s orders. Follow-up if healing slows or stops altogether.

Safety Tip: Adrenaline is pumping when a dog attacks. You want the dog and its owner to be held accountable but not at further risk. Don’t ever try to catch a vicious dog by putting yourself back in harm’s way. The same goes for snagging off collars. Let authorities handle the situation.

What is a Level Two Dog Bite?

Noted veterinarian and animal behaviorist, Dr. Ian Dunbar, categorizes dog bites. Each dog bite can be classified into a certain level. Knowing which level your wound falls under helps you know more about the bite and possible reasons for the attack.

When teeth make contact with the skin, but blood hasn’t been drawn, it’s considered a level two dog bite. First aid usually isn’t even necessary. These types of bites are common.

Dogs who engage in this type of biting are not trying to cause harm. These animals suffer from aggression. If not curbed, their condition will likely get worse.

What is a Level Three Dog Bite?

This type of bite has one to four punctures through the skin. None of these teeth marks can be deeper than half of that dog’s canine teeth. Although shallow, these bites can still cause injury.

There can be various reasons for these kinds of bites. Poor socialization, aggression, history of trauma or stress can trigger this reaction. Serious, consistent action must be taken to prevent worse behavior.

What is a Level Four Dog Bite?

When a dog’s bite leaves deep wounds, it’s considered a level four. There will be one to four punctures from this bite. One of these marks measures deeper than the length of half of its canine teeth. Bruising and swelling can develop. Bites may be particularly nasty when the dog shook its head from side to side while attacking.


Dogs known to cause level four bites must be stopped. There could be underlying issues present like fear or trauma that need to be addressed. If a professional dog trainer doesn’t step in, these dogs could become killers.

Making a Claim with a Dog Bite Lawyer

At Murphy Law Firm, we want you to be able to get legal help regardless of your financial situation.

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