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When a lawsuit involves a group of plaintiffs, it may be considered a mass tort. These types of cases can be complicated. Many parties may be involved. Injuries vary. A trusted Georgia mass tort lawyer can be your MVP when justice is the goal.

Georgia Mass Tort

Are you involved in a mass tort lawsuit? Have you been considering if you could be part of a mass tort case? A knowledgeable mass tort lawyer can sort everything out for you. The team at Murphy Law Firm has a high success rate of settling mass tort cases. Reach out to us for a free consultation!

What is the Difference Between Class Action and Mass Tort?

Both types of lawsuits involve groups of plaintiffs. A class action suit typically involves more than a mass tort. Both kinds of cases concern a defendant that has caused harm on a grand scale.

The real difference comes in how plaintiffs are seen in the eyes of the law. Those in a class action suit are treated as a whole or class. Mass tort plaintiffs, while part of the collective, are treated individually.

Well known examples of these types of lawsuits include:

• 3M Earplugs

• Agent Orange

• Asbestos

Boy Scouts

• BP Oil Spill

• Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

• Enron Scandal

• Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

• Fen-Phen

• Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder

• Opioids

• Pacific Gas & Electric Groundwater Contamination

• Roundup

• Tobacco

• Valsartan

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Commonly Asked Mass Tort Questions

What’s a Mass Tort?

This type of lawsuit is geared for those who’ve suffered from some wide-scale problem. These people may come from the same region. Every single one of the plaintiffs must explain how the defendant injured them. Proof must be provided. Mass torts can drag on because of so many details.

What’s a Class Action?

This type of legal proceeding can be brought against a defendant on behalf of large amount of people called a class. Each plaintiff doesn’t file as an individual. Instead, claims are combined into one. A single party represents the group. This class representative acts as the group’s mouthpiece.

What is an MDL?

Individual lawsuits can turn into a multidistrict litigation (MDL). These federal cases may be filed all over the country. To move things along, these civil cases can be combined and then assigned to one court. The desired result is twofold: a quicker outcome for plaintiffs and less taxpayer money spent on the judicial process.

How do Mass Tort Cases Work?

As class action suits must meet certain standards, not every case can qualify. Mass tort action may begin if a lawsuit doesn’t meet criteria for a class action suit. An example could be when a defective product harms a group of people. The type of harm inflicted on each plaintiff will vary, making it hard to lump everyone together.

These lawsuits can be drawn out and complicated. Going to court can take excessive time and resources. A settlement is the best possible scenario most of the time. A big problem with trials is appeals. The appeals process can turn a win into a hiccup.

Mass tort settlements award damages to individuals based on sustained injuries. If there are 50 plaintiffs, no two of them may walk away with the same payout. Those with minor wounds will not be as heavily compensated as those with life-altering injuries.

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