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Updated May 2021

Georgia Workers Compensation Law – How to Make Use of Workman’s Comp GA


If you work in Georgia for a company with more than 3 employees (including part-time and seasonal workers), you are covered by the Georgia workers compensation laws.

So, if it’s the law, why do you need a workers compensation lawyer?

We are approached by people who have been injured in the workplace but they are not sure how to make a claim. Other times they wonder if their injury is bad enough or they think that their company is ‘handling it’ because they’re getting support for lost wages. The reason to get a workers comp lawyer is because you’ll also get compensation for more than your lost wages and medical bills.

A good attorney will be able to get you FAR more than you would without one.

They understand the coverage and how much your claim is actually worth when the insurance company is doing everything possible to not pay you a big settlement.

So, if your injury affects your ability to do your job, chances are you’re covered by workers compensation.

James Murphy is our Atlanta workers compensation lawyer. He’s been practicing in Georgia for decades and is highly qualified so he’ll work hard to get you a good outcome from your claim.

Look at workers’ compensation coverage like you would any other insurance policy. You don’t need to feel shy about making a claim, just like you would claim after a car accident. The payments you receive after a workplace injury will:

  1. Cover the full costs of your medical treatment with an authorized doctor.
  2. Help you cover your bills by paying 2/3rds of your usual weekly wage (up to a maximum limit) for up to 400 weeks if you can’t return to work.
  3. If your injury means you have to switch to a lower-paid job, workers comp lawyer Atlanta will appeal to workman’s comp to top up your wages for 350 weeks.
  4. Plus, you can qualify for compensation for ‘damages’ for things like loss of mobility, pain and suffering and inability to do the things you once could.

You are covered from your VERY first day at work. Georgia law says that every employee who works within the state is eligible, even if the employer’s main office is located somewhere else. You can find out if your company is registered correctly by visiting the verification page on Georgia State Board of Workers Compensation website.

Georgia Workers Compensation FAQs



Cause: She was driving making a left turn at a green light when another driver, who was distracted, ran the red light.

Injuries: After many medical examinations, the physicians found that she had fractures to her hand, a kidney laceration, bruising on her chest, and abrasions and friction burns to her lower body.



Cause: Our client was injured at work when an accident crushed his leg and foot.

Injuries: Our client was working at his job. An accident occurred while he was working, and his foot and leg were crushed. He also suffered chronic pain and back pain. He reported his injury to his supervisor, and wanted to file a worker’s compensation claim.


Workers Comp Settlement for Torn Rotator Cuff

Cause: Our client experienced severe chest pain while working as a physical laborer.

Injuries: After a thorough examination and an MRI, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with his chest. In fact, our client was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff. This shoulder injury from work was causing his chest pain.


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