Rideshare Accident Lawyer: 7 Reasons You Need to Hire One!

Last updated Thursday, September 28th, 2023

Rideshare Accident Lawyer: 7 Reasons You Need to Hire One!

Injured in a Rideshare Accident?

Rideshare attorneys in Georgia can help! After going through such a traumatic experience, you need an Atlanta rideshare accident lawyer to take the hassle out of this nightmare.

Fighting the court system alone sucks energy, money, and life right out of you. Hiring a rideshare accident lawyer means getting a professional who won’t stop fighting for the highest compensation possible.

Choosing the best rideshare lawyer near me out of all the rideshare lawyers in Atlanta is worth the effort. See the difference from the get-go when you connect with Murphy Personal Injury Law Firm. Rideshare law firm team members are friendly and proficient. We continue to get high-dollar results for clients like you!

1. You pay NOTHING to get your case reviewed by an Atlanta rideshare lawyer!

That’s right; if you or someone you love was injured in a rideshare accident, it’s totally free to discuss your case with a lawyer.

Meeting with a rideshare accident lawyer shouldn’t be intimidating. A rideshare law firm solves problems. Getting you compensated for your injuries is a top priority.

Take a long sigh of relief. It doesn’t cost a single penny to meet with a well-known lawyer from Murphy Personal Injury Law Firm who wants to help.

2. You take money out of your own pocket if you file a claim against Uber or Lyft yourself.

Think you can save time and money by taking care of doing all the work yourself? This theory may sound good. The reality is that when you file a claim, you just don’t get nearly the amount of money a legal professional could get for you. Why? The more experience you have on your side, the better your chances are of receiving higher compensation.

Rideshare attorneys in Georgia are well-versed in legal terms. These litigators stay up to date on Peach State laws that could impact rideshare accident victims. Why try fighting these huge companies when a rideshare accident lawyer could get you a much higher settlement?

"Rideshare companies will pay the absolute minimum on claims. Uber and Lyft want to make money. The less they can pay you, the more money they keep. Accident victims need someone to look out for their interest because it won’t be rideshare companies."
James K Murphy - Car Accident Lawyer & Founder of Murphy Law

Did you know? An insurance company may contact you on behalf of a rideshare company. There could even be talk about wanting to compensate you.

Maybe you think it would be nice just to be done with this whole ordeal. Considering accepting whatever pitiful sum that’s offered? Discussions like this are simply negotiation warm-ups. Now is not the time to give in; it’s time to retain one of the top lawyers in Atlanta.

A rideshare attorney can deal with representatives from rideshare companies on your behalf. These trained pros know how to handle pushy insurance agents who present laughable offers in the hopes of saving money.

NEVER accept a settlement without sound legal advice. It’s best to wash your hands of rideshare companies. Just let your Atlanta rideshare lawyer work out all the details.

You deserve and need compensation for your rideshare accident.
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3. Uber and Lyft are not always covered by insurance.

When it comes to rideshare accidents, there are rumors floating about regarding insurance. A common misconception is that a rideshare company’s insurance will always cover you if injuries occur.

Atlanta rideshare lawyer

Lyft and Uber accident coverage guidelines can get blurred. Rideshare lawyers in Atlanta can make sense of these types of accidents:

• A driver who has accepted a fare. If a driver who has accepted a ride gets into an accident while en route to pick up the passenger or is waiting for a passenger, Lyft or Uber insurance covers up to $1,000,000.
• A driver who is driving a passenger. Commercial liability coverage of up to $1,000,000 may be applicable to accidents that happen when a rideshare driver is shuttling a passenger.
• A driver anticipating a new fare. A rideshare company’s insurance covers drivers logged into an Uber or Lyft app who are waiting to get a fare. However, if the driver had accepted a fare, the cap would be significantly higher.
• An off-duty driver who is driving. This scenario can prove most problematic when accidents occur. Rideshare company insurance policies do not cover drivers who aren’t logged in to the Uber or Lyft app.

4. Getting your ducks in a row increases your odds of getting maximum compensation.

Work with a rideshare lawyer near me to get the best settlement. Law firm team members can help build a successful case, so results go in your favor.

Your attorney will advise you to line up every supporting detail of your claim. You need documentation that helps prove your case. Include witness testimonials as well as your own account of what happened. Add a copy of the accident report.

Photos are important too. Rideshare attorneys in Georgia use pictures of the accident scene, license plates, vehicle damage, and driver’s licenses as evidence. Photos documenting your injuries can also be helpful.

Did you know? Your version of the events must be recorded by an officer on the scene. You might be shaken up after an accident, but don’t let other people speak for you. Even though passengers, friends, bystanders, or other drivers may be tempted to try and speak on your behalf, let first responders hear directly from you.

The report containing your narrative of the accident is a key piece of evidence. Your opinions must go into this document right after the accident occurs for the best results.

"Always, always, always call the police. Even if people seem friendly, there’s no damage and you feel fine. Call and report the accident ASAP."
James K Murphy - Car Accident Lawyer & Founder of Murphy Law

5. Time is your enemy.

You may feel there’s no rush to deal with rideshare accident details. Don’t be fooled! Any rideshare lawyer near me knows Georgia allows only two years to file a personal injury claim. How does this time limit impact you?

Many things can happen in this period of time. You can get bogged down with other life events. Handing your case over to a rideshare law firm gets the job done without annoying you. Waiting could cause you to lose out – big time.

You deserve and need compensation for your rideshare accident.
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6. Rideshare accidents are complicated.

Why take the difficult path when the easier one gets you to the end of the rainbow quicker? A rideshare lawyer can make this process painless.

There are so many statutes involved in a rideshare accident, that it’s hard to stay on top of things. Each case varies, so legal counsel is important when seeking the maximum amount of damages.

Some cases allow for accident victims to be compensated even if one or more involved parties failed to have insurance. Have your own car insurance? Uninsured motorist policies may cover you in rideshare accidents. Such instances are difficult for the average person to wade through, but Murphy Personal Injury Law Firm makes this all look easy.

7. Rideshare lawyers in Atlanta know how to pursue damages if your rideshare accident involved a scooter, e-bike, or electric motorcycle.

Lime, Spin, and Bird offer affordable options to walking. But what happens when one of these vehicles is involved in an accident?

If injuries are caused in an accident involving one of these types of rideshare vehicles, things can get messy. Was one party at fault? Your lawyer can file a claim for personal injuries and possibly even pain and suffering.

Let a Rideshare Law Firm Have Your Back

When you’ve experienced a rideshare accident, you need someone to step up to get you what you deserve. A Hiram car accident lawyer from Murphy Personal Injury Law Firm has the experience to get to you rightfully compensated. Our rideshare lawyers in Atlanta are glad to guide you every step of the way.
Know your legal rights! Rideshare attorneys in Georgia can inform you when filing a personal injury claim is in your best interest. Work with a rideshare lawyer near me for the results you want. Want the upper hand in your rideshare injury case? Retain a rideshare accident lawyer from Murphy Personal Injury Law Firm.

You deserve and need compensation for your car accident.
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