Toombs County, GA – Fatal Crash Kills 2 Near Lewis Nail Road

Last updated Tuesday, November 15th, 2022

In another unfortunate fatal car accident in Georgia, two people died in a head-on accident on Old River Road near Lewis Nail Road in Toombs County on Saturday, October 01, 2022.

According to local law enforcement, they were alerted to the accident by a representative of Life 360, an app dedicated to tracking and sending periodic alerts for driving events, in this instance, a car accident.

Police said they were again notified by a bystander who reported seeing two vehicles crash in a head-on collision on Old River Road near Lewis Nail Road.

Gail Gaines Meyer, 70 of Uvalda, and Caitlyn Emily Banks, 17, of Hazelhurst, died at the scene of the tragic accident.

As reported by police, the 70-year-old’s vehicle crossed into the eastbound lane and crashed into the 17-year-old’s car.

The Georgia State Patrol Post 18 (Reidsville) is conducting an investigation and will release additional updates as they become available.

We extend our deepest condolences to the bereaved families.

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In Georgia, motor vehicle fatalities are on the rise

Despite the fact that Georgia is the 8th most populous state in the nation, it ranks 4th in fatal accident deaths. Based on data provided by the Interior Ministry, the Georgian National Statistics Office reported 4,999 road accidents in 2020, resulting in 6,640 injuries and 450 deaths.

The latest figures from GDOT (Georgia Department of Transportation) indicate that 70% of fatal accidents can be directly linked to unsafe driving practices.

Examples of unsafe driving practices include:

  • Getting behind the wheel while drunk
  • Being distracted while driving – texting, phone calls, music, etc.
  • Not wearing a seatbelt while driving
  • Driving at reckless speeds

Almost 59% of fatal car accident victims were not wearing a seatbelt or were not properly restrained.

Car accidents can be fatal for anyone, not just drivers; Pedestrians accounted for 17% of the annual fatalities.

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