Two killed and three injured in a brutal car collision in Georgia

Last updated Tuesday, November 15th, 2022

In yet another devastating car collision in Georgia, two people were left dead and at least three others were injured after an SUV sped through a red light trying to get away from police around 2:38 a.m. at the intersection of Northside Drive and 17th Street in northwest Atlanta.

Atlanta Police have issued a statement about the dramatic crash, indicating that there was no chase involved:

“The Atlanta Police Department trooper asked a white Toyota RAV 4 to pull over for a traffic violation. In a signal to stop the vehicle, blue lights were activated. The driver of the Toyota SUV activated the right turn signal as if he was going to stop, but then abruptly accelerated and ran through a red light at the intersection, and crashed violently into an approaching Mitsubishi Outlander. The crash occurred in just 37 seconds from the time of the signal to stop.”

The driver and front-seat passenger of the Mitsubishi Outlander lost their lives in the tragic crash. The two have been identified as Uber driver Guillermo Bracho Barrios, 39, and Gemini Jerome Jackson, 27.

Three Uber passengers aboard the Outlander suffered injuries as well and were rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment. 

The suspects in the RAV4 were also seriously injured and taken to the same hospital. Their names have yet not been released.

Roads in the area of the intersection were closed for about 4 hours and re-opened after 6:30 AM. 

An investigation is underway into the accident’s circumstances. Atlanta Police will update with new information as it becomes available. 

We wish a quick recovery to all the injured victims, and our deepest condolences go out to the bereaved families for the traumatic loss they have suffered.

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Another avoidable car collision in Georgia

Based on the testimony of hundreds of car crash victims in Georgia, the vast majority of crashes may not have taken place if drivers were more attentive and mindful.

Even though they are aware of safe driving practices, a lot of drivers continue to engage in reckless driving acts, both consciously and unconsciously.

Georgia ranks fourth among all states in terms of fatal accident deaths despite being the 8th most populous state – 4999 road accidents in 2020 left 6,640 injured and 450 dead.

As a responsible citizen of our great nation, It is very important for you as a driver to refuse unsafe driving practices, such as:

  • Drunk driving
  • Distracted by a phone or music or small talk while driving
  • Driving without a seatbelt
  • Reckless speeding

A life lost due to negligence tears apart the family of the deceased. Without any fault of their own.

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