Villa Rica and Carrollton Auto Accident Attorney

Villa Rica and Carrollton Auto Accident Attorney

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Were You Injured in an Auto Accident in Carroll County?

For most, being injured in a serious car or truck accident can disrupt your daily routine for months, even years. This is especially true if you’ve suffered debilitating injuries. Most calls to our Carrollton auto accident attorney come from people who have never been in a very serious accident before, and they don’t know the correct process to receive financial compensation for their injuries and expenses related to the accident (such as hospital bills, prescriptions, and time missed from work.)

We know that getting full and fair payment for bills and your injuries is very important, because you’ll be getting bills, and taking unplanned time off of work, and the money shouldn’t be coming out of your pocket. However, getting money from the insurance company can be very difficult if you don’t know your rights, and you don’t know what your case is worth. An experienced Carroll County personal injury attorney will know how to protect you, and how to maximize your claim.

Murphy Law Firm, LLC has been helping injured victims for over 20 years, and are well-known in the West Georgia community for their strong advocacy for the injured, and their involvement in giving back to many local charities and school programs. Let us help you get the money you deserve by scheduling a free consultation today at our nearby Carroll County law office. We also have good relationships with medical providers in the Carrollton, GA area, and would be happy to refer you to them to start getting treatment right away. Call us at 770-577-3020.

Take the Right Steps, in the Right Order, After a Carrollton Auto Accident

Whether you are seriously injured or suffering from a temporary injury that will heal quickly, it’s stressful and inhibits you from living a normal life. The best thing you can do when you’re injured after an accident is to get medical treatment right away and protect your rights by calling a Carrollton auto accident attorney.

Carrollton Auto Accident Attorney James Murphy, who has been practicing law in Carrollton for over 25 years, has written a free guide that explains in-depth the mistakes NOT to make after a car accident. Check out our free guide here: The Mistakes Not to Make After an Auto Accident.

Steps To Take After A Car Accident in Carroll County

There are many critical steps to take after a car accident in Villa Rica or Carrollton. These steps will ensure that you get the best care you need after a wreck. They will also help with any future car accident injury claim that you pursue. The steps include:

  • Seeking medical treatment – Your health and recovery should be your priority after a car accident in Villa Rica. It’s also important to seek medical attention to protect any future claim you may file. If you don’t see a medical professional, the insurance company can try to argue that you are not injured as you claim, or that your injuries did not result from the collision.
  • Collecting evidence – Evidence will be crucial to proving your case and substantiating your claim. Medical documents, photos, physical evidence from the scene, and any other evidence that can prove your claim will help.
  • Getting a copy of your car accident report – You can order a copy of your collision report from the police department that came to the scene of your car accident. In the Villa Rica area, those departments include the Carroll County Sheriff’s OfficeVilla Rica Police Department, or Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Hiring an experienced attorney – Protect your rights by hiring a respected and trusted accident injury law firm to handle your car accident claim in Villa Rica. Carroll County Car Accident Attorney James K. Murphy is a highly skilled negotiator and is ready to fight for your rights today. Call us at 770-577-3020.

Don’t Make These Mistakes

  1. Don’t talk to the other driver’s insurance company about your injuries, and DEFINITELY DON’T give a recorded statement.
    • Your first instinct may be to call the insurance company and set up a claim. Let me tell you why that’s a bad idea. Usually, a person doesn’t know how serious their injuries are after an accident. It takes time and thorough medical documentation. Insurance companies want you to settle your claim quickly before you know how much compensation you’ll actually need. Giving a recorded statement can be dangerous because if you say your injuries are one way, and later you tell them differently, they may use that recorded statement to lower the value of your case, or dismiss it altogether!
  2. Don’t sign any documents and don’t cash the check without consulting with an attorney.
  3. If the insurance company tells you that you don’t need a Carrollton auto accident attorney, don’t take their advice.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Carrollton Auto Accident Attorney?

Some people fear getting a Carroll County auto accident attorney because they think that attorneys are too expensive to hire. At Murphy Law Firm, our clients trust us because they know we have their best interests in mind. Our law firm wants you to get the help you need – when you need it. We don’t believe you should pay out of pocket to get legal help. Instead, we use a simple payment structure:

Consultations are ALWAYS 100% FREE.

Our firm operates on a Contingency Fee. That means when we recover money for you from the insurance company, we get paid a percentage of the settlement, and you get to keep everything else. It’s “contingent” on us successfully settling your case, that way you get the legal help with no risk, and nothing out of pocket! If we don’t win money for YOU, WE DON’T get paid!

Do I Have to Go to Court to Win My Carrollton Auto Accident Case?

Typically, no. It’s more common for insurance companies to settle outside of court. We are well-known for making strong cases in Carroll County auto accidents, and can usually negotiate outside of court.

In the unlikely event that it does go to court, it’s usually because an insurance company has refused to pay fairly on a personal injury claim. If they don’t negotiate fairly, we then advise our clients on how strong their case is, and whether or not we should take the claim all the way to local courts.

How Do I Know If I Have a Strong Auto Accident Case in Villa Rica?

Generally, if the accident wasn’t your fault, and you are injured, you have a claim. All too often, people are unsure whether they have a case, or if they should even file a claim. If the accident wasn’t your fault, and the evidence supports that, then the other driver’s insurance is probably liable for your injuries.

We get calls every day from people looking to get their cases evaluated. If you would like us to evaluate your case free of charge, fill out the contact form on this page to get in touch with a Carrollton auto accident attorney today.

Call us now! 770-577-3020

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