Walmart Workers’ Compensation

Last updated Thursday, October 6th, 2022

Walmart Workers’ Compensation

Jobs at this well-known super center differ from those at smaller, lesser-known retailers. As the world’s largest private employer, Walmart’s obviously doing something right. But that doesn’t mean everything this giant does is necessarily right for you, like its version of workers’ compensation.

Walmart is massive. The size and experience of their legal team alone is impressive. There are measures in place to protect this conglomerate. Simply put, Walmart looks out for Walmart- not you.

You have a legal right to workers’ compensation if you’ve been injured while working at Walmart. While maybe not as cut and dry as claims from other businesses, these can be just as valid. The team at Murphy Law Firm can go to bat for you with big corporations. When you’re entitled to compensation, we work to get it for you!

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Walmart Workers’ Compensation and How it Works

The basic concept of Walmart’s workers’ comp program resembles others. But there are so many moving parts that employees can get lost in the shuffle. Another difference is that claims can be easily delayed and even denied. Shockingly low benefit amounts are common. Having unlimited resources often helps representatives feel they have the upper hand.

Attorneys and insurance representatives employed by this giant have a reputation for being tough. And there’s a reason- they are. These folks have been known to badger and bully employees like you into signing when they probably shouldn’t. Why? You guessed it! These settlements favor Walmart.

Is Walmart a Self-insured Workers’ Compensation Company?

Yes! These types of businesses may also be called non-subscriber employers in other states. Walmart is considered self-insured in the Peach State.

These terms just mean that when it comes to workers’ comp, Walmart has its own insurance. Georgia requires businesses to carry workers’ compensation insurance, but this corporation’s size gives it wiggle room.

Who is Walmart's Workers’ Compensation Carrier?

Claims Management Inc (CMI) handles claims for Walmart. This third-party entity steps in when work-related injuries occur. Here’s the real kicker- Walmart manages its own workers’ comp insurance. You may hear from CMI representatives but understand they’re basically Walmart’s loyal lapdogs.

How Long Can I Wait to File a Walmart Workers’ Compensation Claim in Georgia?

The state doesn’t give you much time. If you get hurt while working at Walmart, you typically have one year from the date of your injury to file a claim. The statute of limitations here is serious. Filing your claim as soon as possible gives you leeway in case you need additional time.

If I Quit my Job at Walmart While on Workers' Compensation, What Happens?

This area can get a bit fuzzy. The smartest move here is consulting with your Georgia workers’ compensation attorney. While you can absolutely quit your job at any given time, you may not like the outcome.

Are you considering leaving your job at Walmart while on workers’ comp? Worried about losing your benefits? It’s best to get legal advice from a trusted professional beforehand. Even if you decide to move forward, you will know where you stand.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Settlement from Walmart?

Plan to snag a deal on a fun streaming service. You should have plenty of time to binge watch your favorite shows. Time is no friend to injured Walmart employees. You’re the only one in a hurry in this scenario. These reps have mastered the art of stalling.

A CMI rep mantra could be, “Delay, delay, delay!” The longer they can keep you dangling, the better positioned they are to pounce with a pitiful offer. Dilly dallying is in Walmart’s best interest and CMI has all the time in the world.

All hope is not lost! You can win this waiting game. Work with an experienced attorney and this difficult path becomes easy in minutes. When Murphy Law Firm represents you, settlements can get sorted out promptly. If you want to light a fire under Walmart, you know who to call.

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