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car accident scene in Douglasville

What Should I Do at the Scene of the Accident?

Immediately after a Georgia accident, it can be easy to panic and forget what you are supposed to do. Here is a quick list to reference to help you:

Additional Information For Georgia Car Accident Victims:

car accident scene in Douglasville


car accident lawyer in Douglasville - James Murphy meeting with a client

When Is It Time To Get An Attorney?

After getting checked out by a medical provider, call an attorney that you can trust. It is crucial to know what to say and not say to the insurance company, and we can help guide you. Knowing that your legal rights are being protected and that someone is fighting the insurance company on your behalf is priceless. Read below to learn more about the legal side of a Georgia car accident:

The Legal Side Of A Georgia Car Accident Case:

car accident lawyer in Douglasville - James Murphy meeting with a client


Documenting evidence after an auto accident in Georgia

What Should I Do If My Car Has Property Damage After My Car Accident?

The second most asked about topic of Georgia car accident victims is what about their car or property that was damaged. There are certain tricks that the insurance company will try to pull, so we have provided important information and suggestions on how you can recover all that you are entitled to. Read more below.

Property Damage From A Car Accident
And The Insurance Company:

Documenting evidence after an auto accident in Georgia


Injuries after a georgia car wreck

What If I Was Injured In The Car Accident?

Making sure that you and your passengers get the medical treatment that you need is very important. We do not want you to skip the necessary treatment because you are scared about how you will pay for it. Below is some important information about your rights to medical treatment and being reimbursed for missed work while getting medical treatment. 

Information For Georgia Car Accident Victims Who Are Injured

Get More Information About Specific Bodily Injuries:

Injuries after a georgia car wreck


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What Evidence Do I Need To Document From My Car Accident?

There are many steps involved with preparing a case for maximum reimbursement from the insurance company. Having an experienced attorney working for you means that they know what is needed and how to get it. How well your case is built directly affects how much money you can receive. Continue reading below to learn more about the importance of documenting evidence.

How Your Georgia Accident Attorney Builds Your Case

  • Interview known witnesses.
  • Collect additional evidence, such as photographs of the accident scene.
  • Analyze legal issues, such as contributory negligence and assumption of the risk.
  • Analyze the validity of any liens on the case. Doctors, insurance companies, welfare benefit plans, and employers may assert that they are entitled to all or part of the client’s recovery.
  • Contact the insurance company to put them on notice of the claim, if this has not already been done.
  •  Decide with the client whether an attempt will be made to negotiate the case with the insurance company or whether suit shall be filed.
stacks of paperwork


Going to court for Georgia auto accident

Should I Settle My Case Or Should I Go To Court?

People frequently ask if they should settle their case with the insurance company, or if they should go to court. Well, there isn’t one answer that applies to every case. When you have a skilled and experienced Georgia attorney, they will look at the details of your car accident and determine if what the insurance company is offering what you are owed, or if they should fight them in court for more. 


What Might My Attorney Do If My Car Accident Case Goes to Court?

  • If suit is filled, prepare the client, witnesses, and healthcare providers for depositions.
  • Prepare written questions and answers and take the deposition of the defendant and other witnesses.
  • Produce to the defendant all of the pertinent data for the claim, such as medical bills, medical records, and tax returns.
  • Go to court to set a trial date.
  • Prepare for trial and/or settle before trial.
  • Prepare the client and witnesses for trial.
  • Organize the preparation of demonstrative exhibits for trial.
  • Prepare for mediation and/or arbitration.
  • File briefs and motions with the court to eliminate surprises at trial.
  • Take the case to trial with jury or judge.
  • Analyze the jury’s verdict to determine if either side has good grounds to appeal the case, and make recommendations to the client as to whether or not to appeal the case
Going to court for Georgia auto accident
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