Why Should I Call The Police After My GA Accident?

Why Should I Call The Police After My GA Accident?


If you watch the video above, you will see that there can be negative repercussions to not calling the police after a Georgia accident, especially when it is involving an injury.

When the police come to the scene of the accident, they will investigate the scene, skid marks, testimonials of the drivers involved, and any witnesses that were there. They will then draw up a Georgia Police Report, which can be crucial in a Georgia Personal Injury Claim. Without a police report, there might not be any other proof for your injury claims in court. This can affect your case negatively and might even get your claim denied for compensation.

What the State Bar of Georgia Says: If your in an accident in Georgia, the Bar recommends 13 steps to take after an accident, one being that you call the police. See these two important steps listed below:

  • Call the police – Police officers are trained to handle any situation. Accident victims generally suffer from shock and excitement and have trouble thinking clearly. If you are in a city or town, call the city police. If you are on a highway, call the GA State Patrol or sheriff’s office. A report will be made.
  • Comments to the police – Keep your notes and information strictly to yourself. Admit nothing and sign nothing even if you think you are wrong. You may learn later that you were not at-fault, or that the other driver was partially to blame. If at a later date fact clearly show that you were entirely at-fault, that is the time to admit the blame.

So, if you have been in a car accident, and especially if you think you have been injured, you should call the police to make sure that your statement is taken, and that the accident was recorded correctly. This can protect your rights later if needed in court or with the insurance company.

You may find that you are having trouble with the other driver’s (at-fault) insurance company. They may try to say that the accident was partially your fault, or that you are to blame entirely. Even if liability (whose fault it is) is clear, the at-fault adjuster may still use tricky tactics to get you to harm your case by what you say. They may try and get a recorded statement too, which can be very dangerous to your case.

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