Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation
Injured at work in Douglasville, Ga

Have You Been Hurt at Work? Our Law Firm Can Help.

Our Law Firm has helped many injured workers and employees receive benefits and settlements from their employers after a serious injury that resulted in them being unable to perform their original job. We fight the workers’ compensation lawyers that are bent on not treating the injured fairly.

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You’ve made a very smart decision to get more information about your legal rights to worker’s compensation and get help for your workers’ compensation case. Over years of representing injured workers, I have seen that a work injury can change a family’s life. One day you’re working, and then suddenly you are hurt, and can’t work at all.

If this has happened to you, then I know you have some very important questions, and it’s important you get the answers. That’s why it’s vital to understand how the Georgia Workers’ Compensation system works. In some situations, you may not need a lawyer, but it usually is a good idea to at least get a free consultation from an attorney.

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Should You Trust the Workers’ Compensation System If You Have Been Hurt at Work ?

You May Have Questions If You Have Been Hurt On-the-Job:

  1. How soon do I need to report my work injury?
  2. If the doctor treating me for my injury takes me out of work, am I still entitled to be paid?
  3. Do I have to see the doctor my employer sent me to, or can I see my own doctor?
  4. How long does workers’ comp have to pay me?
  5. If I qualify for a weekly check (TTD), how much should I be getting?
  6. Am I being watched or video recorded by the insurance company?
  7. Is my social media safe to post on if I’ve been hurt at work?

What If I Can’t Work Anymore Because of a Job Injury?

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Questions About Your Work Injury?

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When is it Time to Hire a Lawyer?

Unless your workplace injury is extremely straightforward, the workers’ compensation system is very complex and technical. You can try to handle your case yourself, but usually you are at a huge disadvantage if you try to go against the insurance companies alone. Remember to select an experienced Georgia Work Injury Attorney, because experience is important! You can order our free book above for more information on Georgia workers’ compensation.

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