Can You Receive Workers’ Compensation for a Knee Replacement?

Last updated Thursday, October 6th, 2022

If you’re injured on the job, your medical needs should be covered under workers’ compensation. This coverage should still kick in even when extensive procedures (like joint replacements) are required.

Injuries happen. Did your knee take a hit while you were working? Maybe it didn’t happen all at once. Joints can wear out over time when doing repetitive tasks. Surgery can be pricey. Recoup these medical costs. Get yourself on the road to recovery without paying out of pocket.

Employees like you have rights. No matter the expense, workers’ compensation is in place to have your back. When an injury occurs on the clock, you have options.

Have questions? You’re in the right place to get answers! Murphy Law Firm has the knowledge you need to get compensated. Workers’ compensation is one of our specialties! Our team puts you back in the driver’s seat of your destiny.

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Workers’ Compensation and Knee Replacements

When your knee suffers irreparable damage while you’re working, it may need replacing. Joint replacement surgeries have come so far that they’re now considered mainstream. So why would workers’ comp pump the brakes on your knee replacement claim?

Trouble can begin when insurers start hassling you. Maybe adjusters feel the procedure you need is too expensive. Perhaps the company wants to take a cheaper route. Not so fast! Such strong-arm tactics don’t work on Murphy Law Firm clients!

Unfortunately, some companies may take the stance of trying to remedy a knee that needs replacing in other ways. Therapy, exercise and/or prescriptions, may be suggested as cost-effective alternatives. If these are viable options, fine. If these methods have failed in the past but are being recommended again, that’s a problem.

What Should You do After Suffering a Knee Injury at Work?

Getting injured on the jobsite can be just the beginning. The long path to recovery starts with you.

Unlike some injuries, knee pain can be due to constant overuse. If one of your knees gets hurt at work, take the following steps:

1. Seek Help. If you suddenly feel an ouch when you shouldn’t, there could be trouble. Don’t ignore the pain or try shaking it off. A physician can examine your knee to measure the damage. There’s no substitute for quality medical care.

2. Report Your Injury. Waste no time letting your boss know what happened. You may need to share this information with your immediate supervisor, manager or department head. Be sure to submit your report in writing. A verbal account may not be enough.

3. Note Details. Jot down the events leading up to your injury. Take pictures of the area where things went down. Explain if knee strain has been an ongoing problem because of the type of work you do. Keep paperwork organized.

4. Keep Documentation. Request copies of all forms relating to your claim. Your injury report, medical records and employer’s insurance report are helpful documents to keep.

5. Consult a Reputable Attorney. Decoding workers’ compensation in Georgia is no easy task. The best results from these claims takes experience and resources. You’ll also feel better knowing a legal whiz is taking care of things on your behalf.

How Much Does Workers’ Compensation Pay for Knee Replacement?

Serious injuries requiring extensive care aren’t cheap. While no two injuries may be exactly the same, you can learn more about the costs of this procedure with our helpful workers’ comp settlement calculator.

The most important takeaway here is this- the worse the injury, the more you need an attorney. Knee replacements and all they entail can end up costing an arm and a leg. Worker’s comp can cover these expenses when you have strong legal representation.

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