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Getting Help from a Car Accident Attorney in Cobb County

We are happy to have a new office in Cobb County to help out Mableton families. Car accident attorney in Mableton, James Murphy has helped thousands in Georgia recover financial compensation for injuries related to workers’ compensation, wrongful death claims, and auto accidents for 20+ years!

Our team goes above and beyond for our clients, because we know life can be difficult after being hurt, especially from on the job or from a car accident. We have established an office in Mableton, GA so that clients in the area don’t have to drive too far for award-winning legal help. We know your life is busy, even more so now that you may have an accident case on your hands. That’s why Lawyer James Murphy offers free consultations and will travel to his Mableton office to meet with you. We’re glad to arrange an appointment for you. Contact us today!


What Should You Do After an Auto Accident or Work Injury?

There are a lot of mistakes people can make that can affect your settlement, so it’s best to get quality legal advice from an experienced personal injury attorney. Our legal team is ready to answer any questions you may have. We offer free consultations for Georgia residents and can meet you at our Mableton Law Office Location (convenient for Cobb County residents).

What To Expect When You Hire a Mableton Auto Accident Attorney

What Will the First Call to the Law Firm Include?

When you first contact Murphy Law Firm in Mableton about your accident, we will ask some questions about your injury case. This includes:

  • Date of the collision?
  • What are your injuries?
  • What actions have you taken to settle your case?

Then you will talk with our Cobb County Personal Injury Lawyer, who will give you a free consultation in the Mableton area to evaluate your claim. You may have your meeting over the phone or in-person. The lawyer will examine your case and help guide your next steps. In some circumstances, we may not take your case, depending on the particulars of your accident. This does not mean that you don’t have a claim, just that your situation does not fit the types of cases in which we specialize. If we cannot take your case, we will be glad to talk with you and offer a referral to a different attorney, if possible.

If our lawyer deems your case a suitable fit for our firm, we will propose a “retainer agreement”: A contract which says we will be legally representing you throughout your injury claim. This contract will lawfully permit us to speak to appropriate parties concerning your accident claim. After signing this agreement, you cannot settle your case or allow a settlement without contacting us first. The retainer will also have a fee agreement, which will be due upon your lawsuit settling. We do not require any upfront fees or attorney expenses, as we operate on a contingent fee basis. We only get paid if we win your case.

Will I Be Getting Medical Treatment?

The most beneficial thing you can do to improve your injury case is to receive regular medical treatments. Murphy Law Firm in Cobb County can aid you in obtaining a doctor and arranging appointments nearby Mableton to treat your injuries.

We work with Cobb County medical providers such as chiropractors, neurologists, and MRI specialists. A partnership with these Mableton medical experts lets us guarantee the price of your medical procedures in place of upfront expenses. This is an example of the various ways we can help our clients in Cobb County focus on healing rather than fretting about medical invoices and other charges after an injury.

While managing your case, we will always be monitoring your medical treatment records. We may contact you if we notice you are not following up with your treatment plan or missing appointments, as this could damage your claim. It is necessary to be honest concerning your physical and emotional symptoms. Your medical records are used to make a legal demand for reimbursement from the insurance company or other liable party. In some instances, your doctor may be asked by the insurance company to testify in court about your injuries.

What is Investigation and Discovery?

Our team will be investigating and collecting evidence to strengthen your case while you are receiving treatment for your injuries in Cobb County. We will set up an insurance claim for you if you have not previously done so. We will notify the insurance company that we are representing you in your lawsuit and let them know to speak directly with our firm. To defend the outcome of your case, you should always tell us if the insurance company or other party reaches out to you about your claim.

We will begin collecting supporting evidence, including:

  • Police report/ incident report
  • Medical records
  • Any expenses you have incurred
  • Eye witness accounts
  • Any video surveillance

Throughout this process, we may communicate with you regularly to establish the details of your lawsuit. Our team will obtain every potential piece of information we can to defend your case, so we will need your full cooperation. If you have any questions through the investigation process, let us know, and we will go over the status of your case and provide clarifications for you. We will be happy to meet you at our convenient office location in the Mableton area.

Will My Case Include Negotiations or Litigation?

Once your medical treatment in the Mableton area is finished, or when we have collected sufficient evidence, we will write a demand to the insurance company. The insurance company will most likely reject our first demand. They will either come back with a proposal or request further evidence. Our Cobb County attorney will contact you to consider any offers that are made by the insurance company. It is up to you to decide whether you take the settlement, although your attorney will provide guidance. We will continue to negotiate with the insurance company until our attorney reaches a top offer for your case.

Generally, the insurance company will try to resolve a case out of court. The court costs will fall on the defendant party if they are found accountable for your injuries by a court of law. If your case does go into litigation, we will file an official lawsuit on your behalf.

The first step of litigation is called “Discovery.” One of our legal team members will support you throughout this process, focusing on ensuring your answers to the discovery are accurate and in your best interest.

After discovery, if an agreement has not been reached, the case will go to trial. All evidence, witnesses, and arguments will be presented to a judge or jury during the hearing. The court determines who is liable and what the granted compensation should be.

Trials can be lengthy and considerably expensive. It is our goal to make sure you walk away with the highest settlement possible. In some circumstances, the expense of proceeding to trial will not be the best result. If this is the case, we will advise that you settle out of court.

What Will the Settlement and Closing Be Like?

Once we have reached a fair agreement or the trial has concluded, the case does not immediately end. Particular legal affairs must be closed out before you can cash a check.

Throughout the claim process, our firm collected all the medical bills you acquired due to your accident. We gather these statements into an expense sheet that will be recorded for you in your settlement statement. It is our responsibility to make sure all of your medical expenses get settled before your case is finished.

In the settlement contract, the insurance company will often require that you give up any future claim for payment on the same accident and injury. If you have any questions concerning your case, you should ask your Cobb County lawyer before signing the contract. After confirming the agreement from the insurance company, you will receive a settlement check. Usually, you will be able to pick up your check at our Mableton area office, or where ever is convenient for you.

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