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Common Accident Injury: Traumatic Brain Injury

Common Accident Injury: Traumatic Brain Injury, Murphy Law Firm: Personal Injury LawUsually, a person sustains a brain injury when they have suffered trauma to the head. One very common cause of TBI (Traumatic brain injury) is an auto accident. However, it’s also possible to sustain an injury from an accident at work.

What is a traumatic brain injury (TBI)?
If you have experienced whiplash or a concussion from an accident of any type, what you may not realize is that this is usually what is medically referred to as a traumatic brain injury

What you may not also realize is how frequently they occur here in the U.S. or how explosively the hidden costs of recovery can be, No one is prepared for these types of injuries or the recovery costs associated with them, yet Everyone is susceptible to brain injuries. 

Brain injuries do not discriminate. 

The aftermath of an instantaneous brain injury can have lasting physical, cognitive and behavioral ramifications for a lifetime. Injuries to the brain affect, not only the individual, but their families, friends, coworkers and more. 

What happens when you can’t support your family?
When a family’s main financial provider is suffering from a brain injury and are no longer able to work that’s a situation that needs expert support immediately. If you’re in that situation then you need to reach out to an experienced brain injury attorney TODAY who knows how to get you (or your loved one) the medical and financial support they need.

Our team of attorney’s at Murphy Law have over 30 years of experience helping people in Georgia who have suffered from concussions after being in car or truck accidents. Let us navigate the endless loopholes that the insurance companies make you jump through in order to get the settlement you deserve.

Early High Level Expert Care is important!
Studies show that the quality of life for someone with a brain injury is MUCH better if they have access to early expert medical care. With or without insurance an experienced lawyer can make sure that you, or your loved one, get the medical care they need to recover. 

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What looks like a minor concussion or whiplash injury can turn out to be a much more series brain injury that requires far more care and cost than you thought. There can be challenging cognitive problems with memory, information processing, concentration, judgment, initiating activities, as well as physical (seizures, muscle spasms, fatigue, headaches, balance problems, and others), psycho-social behavior, and emotional impairments (depression, mood swings, anxiety, impulsivity, agitation, and others). Don’t go through this alone!

Frequently Asked Questions About Traumatic Brain Injury

Check out some of the data provided by the Georgia Department of Public Health: 

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a significant issue that can have a wide range of cognitive, physical, and psychological consequences. 

Additionally, the impacts of TBI go beyond the individual; there are also substantial community, societal and economic burdens, increased emergency department (ED) visits, hospitalizations, and deaths. In 2016, the Georgia brain and spinal injury registry recorded 27,840 TBI injuries including 20,488 emergency and 7,352 hospital admissions[i]. 

The Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission states that TBIs cost Georgians over $1.5 billion annually in lost wages and medical costs. Additionally, injuries occurred most frequently among Georgian’s birth to age 39 with the largest group being those aged 10-19. This population made up nearly 21% of all registered traumatic brain and or spinal cord injuries that year

Brain Injury Georgia reports that Georgia has over 50,000 suspected traumatic brain injuries reported each year through the Central Registry, yet brain injury remains largely silent and unseen. These numbers do not include our military veterans or acquired brain injuries from strokes, tumors, brain bleeds, or other causes.

Approximately 60 percent according to AANS will make a positive recovery and an estimated 25 percent left with a moderate degree of disability. Death or a persistent vegetative state will be the outcome in about 7 to 10 percent of cases. The remainder of patients will have a severe degree of disability.

Where Georgia Traumatic Brain Injury Victims can go for medical support locally:

  • Brain Injury Association of America
    1441 East Clifton Road Northeast
    Atlanta, Georgia 30307
    PHONE: 404-712-5504
    1-800-444-6443 — Brain Injury Information
  • Brain Injury Association of Georgia
    Founded in 1982, The Brain Injury Association of Georgia is a non-profit organization that is compromised of survivors, family members, friends, and professionals who all work together to provide community support programs that assist individuals and their families to gain a better understanding of the effects of brain injury and to facilitate rehabilitation opportunities.
  • Find a Brain Injury Support Group
    1441 Clifton Road
    Atlanta, GA 30322
    HelpLine: 800-444-6443
  • Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission
    The Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission provides grants to Georgians for their post-acute care and rehabilitation for traumatic brain and spinal cord injury.
    The Trust Fund awards grants in many categories of assistance such as:
  • Transportation
  • Assistive technology
  • Medical and rehabilitative care
  • Home access modifications
  • Personal support services
  • Durable medical equipment

    Note: To receive a grant, you must be a legal Georgia resident and have an official physician’s letter verifying a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI).

Please keep in mind the terms “mild,” “moderate” and “severe” are used to describe the effect of the injury on brain function. A mild injury to the brain is still a serious injury that requires prompt attention and an accurate diagnosis. If you have received a blow to the head or body that concerns you or causes noticeable changes to your consciousness –  Seek emergency medical care immediately.

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