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November 2023 Issue

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Legal Tips

3 Overlooked Electric Vehicle Facts: Prioritizing Road Safety

A woman plugging in her electric vehicle in her drivewayLet’s talk about the rising stars in the automotive realm – Electric Vehicles (EVs). No longer confined to the fringes, EVs have asserted themselves, constituting over 6% of all new car purchases in 2022, marking a substantial 65% increase from the preceding year. Formerly a niche segment, EVs now command a prominent presence.

Why the widespread adoption? EVs boast eco-friendliness, economic advantages in operational costs, and government incentives. The Biden administration is additionally championing this cause, aspiring to see EVs constitute half of all new cars by 2030, underlining a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability.

EVs Are Heavy: EVs can be much heavier than other cars their size. EVs can actually be several hundred to several thousand pounds heavier than the same sized gas vehicle.   

While this imparts a safety advantage if you’re driving the heavier EVs, it puts you at a higher risk if you’re hit by an EV vehicle. Consider a rather sobering statistic from a 2011 study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, indicating a 47% higher fatality risk for individuals in lighter vehicles colliding with those weighing 1,000 pounds or more.

EVs Can Be Harder to Control: Yet, amidst these considerations, the enthusiasm for extended driving ranges persists, propelling manufacturers to develop EV batteries capable of reaching 400 miles per charge. Accompanying this quest for range is the impressive performance of EV engines, achieving 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds.
However, this extraordinary power demands adept control, a skill not universally possessed by drivers.

EVs Take Longer to Stop: Moreover, the augmented weight from substantial batteries translates to extended braking distances, raising legitimate concerns about the braking efficacy of all EVs, particularly in emergencies, without compromising the safety of vulnerable road users.

Local News

‘American Pickers’ Set to Return and They Want Your Junk!

The show 'American Pickers' is set to return to GeorgiaIn pursuit of unique antiques, the ‘American Pickers’ cast and crew are Georgia-bound to film new episodes showcasing amazing unique antiques. The upcoming January 2024 shoot will cover various locations across the state.

‘American Pickers,’ the popular documentary series on The History Channel, follows expert pickers in their hunt for America’s rarest antiques. The show is looking for leads in Georgia — interesting, unusual, and quirky items — fun and fascinating stuff with a great story behind it. They’re specifically looking for things in small towns and rural areas.

The show chooses not to film in stores, flea markets, malls, auction businesses, museums, or anything open to the public. If interested, send your name, phone number, location, and collection details with photos to or call (646) 493-2184.

Local News

Nominate A Child in Need: Operation Christmas Registration is Now Open

A child opening a Christmas gift It’s the season of giving, and Operation Christmas Douglas County is at the heart of spreading holiday cheer. The community effort started by Chief Superior Court Judge William H. “Beau” McClain in 2015 is in its 9th year now. 

As the holiday season approaches, local churches, businesses, schools, and community organizations work together to bring Christmas magic to every child and teenager as volunteers distribute gifts at different locations to deliver the joy of Christmas. It is mandatory for eligible kids to register so they can receive their special gifts from the volunteer elves.

To qualify, children must attend school in Douglas County, be age 18 or younger, and be recipients of free or reduced-price lunch, WIC, or other services from the Health Department or Educational System due to financial challenges.

Visit to complete the registration form in English or Spanish. For more information, please reach out to

Local News

Do Your Holiday Crafting With The Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville

The Art of Scrapbooking

A craft table filled with Christmas scrapbooking materials When: December 3rd | 1:00-3:00pm Ages 13+

Students will be led through the process of crafting a personal photo album using personal photos. Tell your unique story through a beautiful blend of pictures, embellishments, and personal touches.

Peppermint Soap Making

When: December 12th | 6:00-8:00pm Ages 15+

 Take home a handmade loaf of soap for the holidays to add a special touch around the house for your guests, or gift thoughtful stocking stuffers to loved ones. Students will have the option to choose between Peppermint or Alpine scents for their delightful creations.

Mason Jar Lanterns

When: December 13th | 6:30-7:30pm

All ages can craft these unique decorative pieces using candles, paint, paper cutouts, and a touch of creativity! Illuminate your December with a classic southern decor piece that will light up your space.

Where: 652 Campbellton Street Douglasville, Georgia 

More Information: To make your reservations, visit or call 770-949-2787.

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