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May 2023 Issue

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Legal Tips

The Dangers of Giving a Recorded Statement After an Accident

Couple Upset While Receiving News

Been in a car accident in Georgia? Never agree to giving a recorded statement without the guidance of an accident attorney! Here’s why… An insurance adjuster’s loyalty is to the company, not you.

They’re looking for ways to deny your claim, minimize how much they have to pay you, or even
make the accident sound like it was your fault. You’re under NO obligation to give a recorded statement, and there is NO benefit to giving one. The adjuster may try to get you to do one by telling you that you’ll receive a quicker payment, but chances are, that payment is going to be FAR less than you deserve.

Here’s how recorded statements can harm your car accident case: 

1. Recorded statements tend to show inconsistencies. They will be compared with other statements that are tied to your case. Multiple statements made weeks or months apart often show inconsistencies. The insurance company and their lawyers will seek to exploit that. 

2. Adjusters are well-trained in asking questions designed to trap or trick you into giving responses that can damage your case. 

3. An adjuster may ask you how you’re feeling. If you answer that question, you may come to regret it later, as some injuries don’t become evident until days, or even weeks, later. 

4. Once a recorded statement is taken, there are no do-overs.


Local News

Douglasville Town Green Set to Open This Fall

Douglasville Town Green

Douglasville’s City Council’s cool vision to create a downtown area that will become the heart of Douglas County is pretty much on track despite bad weather delays. It won’t be long before it becomes a reality very soon.

The $12 million Town Green project includes a 500-seat amphitheater and mixed-use development with parking. The council greatly appreciates working with The Novare Group, a firm with a track record for similar projects. The idea is to create a lively hub that will include 250 units, 5,000 square feet of shopping space, and 2,000 square feet of live/work space.

Douglasville City Councilman Terry Miller is sure that the Douglasville Police Department will have a solid crowd control and safety plan figured out. 

Jason Post, community relations director for Douglasville said, “…we’ll have an impressive opening event and concert in the fall.”

Local News

Construction Starts on Trails Mixed-Use Development & Film Studio

New Studio Construction

The Trails mixed-use development at the intersection of Fairburn Road and Lee Road has formally begun construction. The 167 acres project includes Great Point Studios, anchored by Lionsgate Studios, 575 luxury apartments, townhomes, a hotel, office space and a
40,000 sqft. commercial village.

Sidewalks and trails will connect all the zones, and plans are in place to integrate the development with the Douglas County trail system.

Great Point Studios plans to develop a 500,000 sqft. entertainment complex with best-in-class production facilities on the East Coast. The development aims to
attract upscale retailers and boost the local economy. 

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is excited about the project because it’ll open up job opportunities for Georgians and help grow the state’s movie and television industry.

Rave Review


“The Murphy Law Firm was extremely helpful with assisting me with my case. When I did not know the answers to questions they were very quick to answer them for me and make me knowledgeable of what was going on with my case. They kept me informed every step of the way. I give five stars for the Murphy Law Firm and will recommend them to everyone.”

-Marla S.

Upcoming Events

Taste of Douglasville

May 20th @ 11AM – 5PM
Downtown Douglasville will be filled with beautiful handmade arts & crafts, better living vendors, kids Korner, Sponsors, performers, and so much more… Free admission and parking.

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The STEAM Generation Summer Camp (Ages 8-14)

June 12th @ 8:30AM
Morning: Create a theme park with physics-powered roller coaster & carnival games. Afternoon: Create racing games, learn coding, problem-solving, and more.

Learn More

Cheers to the Arts! Beer & Buddies

June 15th @ 6:00PM
This event includes refreshments, beer tastings, art vendors, door prizes, live music, and much more.  Enjoy the fun, relax, and get in touch with your creative side!

Learn More

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