The Six Steps You Need to Take After A Car Accident

STEP 2: When to Get an Attorney for a Car Accident?

After getting checked out by a medical provider, you may ask, ‘when to get an attorney for a car accident’. The answer to that question is that you need to call an attorney that you can trust asap. It is crucial to know what to say and not say to the insurance company, and we can help guide you. Knowing that your legal rights are being protected and that someone is fighting the insurance company on your behalf is priceless. Read below to learn more about the legal side of a Douglasville car accident.


When to get an Attorney FAQs

If I Was Hurt in a Car Accident, Is It Considered a “Personal Injury”?

If you were injured in a car accident caused by someone else, you potentially have a personal injury case against the person or people who caused the accident. Your claim is based on reasonable medical treatment following the accident, pain, and suffering, lost income from work, and other factors, especially if your injury is a long-term injury that requires treatment for an extended period. It is essential to consult with and possibly have representation from an attorney who can help you maximize your case’s recovery.

If you are injured due to being in a car accident, it is vital to know who is the proper person or entity (like an insurance company) to sue. Sometimes, it may be only one person, or perhaps, it could be more than one person or entity to bring a case against. An experienced car accident attorney can help you find the proper person or legal entity to go after if you are trying to receive fair compensation for your injuries.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Georgia Car Wreck Attorney?

Most People Don’t Know This, but Getting advice from an Accident Attorney Won’t Cost You a Dime

How is that possible? Aren’t attorneys supposed to be expensive? Georgia car wreck lawyers and injury attorneys, or “personal injury” attorneys, usually work on a contingency fee basis, so there is no upfront fee. Well, what does that mean? You can watch the video above, read the transcript below, or read this article for more information.

There is no good reason not to consult with a Georgia Auto Accident Attorney. The initial consultation is free, and the advice could help you protect your accident claim from the insurance companies. Why would you need protection? The at-fault driver’s insurance company is hoping to save themselves money by minimizing your claim of injuries. Once you and an attorney both sign an agreement stating that they are your attorney, then the insurance companies have to speak to the attorney, not you. A Georgia car wreck lawyer will know what to say and do to ensure that you get a fair and just settlement. An experienced attorney will also gauge better what your claim may be worth and not let an insurance company low ball their offers.

How Does an Attorney Get Paid on a Personal Injury Case?

Most personal injury attorneys are paid based on a percentage of your injury case’s total recovery. This percentage is ordinarily one-third of the total amount recovered, although it varies from attorney to attorney. EXAMPLE: If your case settles for $10,000, the attorney fee would be $3,333. In some situations, the attorney is also entitled to recover his/her expenses of the settlement, including ordering medical records, depositions, etc. These may be costs that the attorney prepays, necessary for the case, so he is reimbursed for these costs when the situation gets settled. I always have a contingency fee contract that I will ask the client to sign if I will be representing him. It explains all the terms and conditions of the representation, and I always advise my clients to read over it very carefully before they sign it. The client must read and understand the attorney-client contingency fee contract. It contains all of the details about the terms and conditions of the representation.

What Happens at the Consultation With the Personal Injury Attorney?

When I consult with you about a personal injury claim, we will discuss the first few things:

  1. WHO (whether it be another person or entity) has caused you to be injured?
  2. HOW were you injured?
  3. WHERE did the accident occur?
  4. WAS the injury a physical injury or an emotional injury? Please note that we only take cases where a bodily injury is involved.
  5. IS there an accident or incident report (made by the police or business involved)?

You may not know all the information yourself, but I must ask you questions about what you do know. If you were involved in a car accident, a police report often describes what has happened from the police officer’s perspective. The police report can be a significant source of information. It usually gives a great deal of information about the driver, such as driver’s license information, automobile insurance, address, etc. I will often ask you to bring in the police report with you when we first discuss the representation. If you do not have the report, we can usually get it off the internet at websites such as

What is a Personal Injury Case?

In general terms, a personal injury case is a claim for compensation for injuries that you have against another person, company, or another type of legal entity that has caused you damages through negligence or reckless conduct.

There are various types of personal injury cases, such as:

  • Injuries from an auto accident
    Including, but not limited to: Cars, Trucks, Tractor-trailers, Motorcycles, Four-wheelers, and DUI Accidents
  • Slip and fall (ex: at a place of business, like a store)
  • Injury at work (workers’ compensation)

If you believe that you have a possible personal injury case, it is best to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. The law places certain time limitations on injury cases, so you should contact an attorney promptly to understand your legal rights.

During the initial interview, I will usually ask:

  • Did you go to the hospital?
  • Did you talk to an emergency room doctor or nurse?
  • What did the doctor or nurse say about following up with medical treatment?
  • Did they recommend that you see an orthopedic doctor, neurologist, chiropractor, or another health professional?
  • Do you need a referral?
  • Have you followed up with another health care professional? If not, why not?
  • Do you have health insurance?
  • Is there some reason why you are not following up medically?

It’s so important to sufficiently document your injuries as it relates to a car accident. It’s also essential to try to complete your treatment before deciding to settle your injury case. It’s also crucial to understand what a personal injury attorney can do to help you with your case. I have written a book that explains what I do as a personal injury attorney to help you with your case. Most people are surprised to see how much work the personal injury attorney does to help you.

How To Find A Good Georgia Injury Attorney Searching The Web

If you are searching to find a Georgia injury attorney, here are some things to look for:

  • How many years of experience do they have practicing law?
  • Have they written an informative guide that is available to the public about the area of practice you need legal services for?
  • Can they explain to you in an easy-to-understand manner some of the procedures and steps that must be taken to proceed with your case?
  • What have other people said about the attorney? Have you checked their Google reviewsAvvo ratings, and other sources?
  • Do they have a significant source of information available to do research, such as an online library, blog, FAQ section, and videos to help you answer your questions before you even call?

These are just some of the things that you can look into to see if the attorney is a good fit for your needs. Then, once you meet the attorney, make sure you like and trust the attorney. Having trust in your attorney’s ability to handle your case is essential because they will guide you in future decisions regarding your claim, and you’ll want to feel like they have your best interest in mind.

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