Airport Injuries – What You Need to Do to Get Compensated

Man slips on wet floor at airport terminalNearly 25 million Americans suffer from a fear of flying.

However, the truth is you’re a lot more likely to get injured at the airport than flying on an airplane. And when you’re visiting the busiest airport in the world, that risk is much higher.

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson international airport attracts almost 100 million passengers every year. It also happens to be the primary hub for Delta Airlines.

Hundreds of thousands of domestic and international passengers pass through the airport every day. So it’s easy to get injured when you’re in a rush zipping through a sea of passengers while dragging your luggage.

Plus, there are multiple companies responsible for maintaining different operations in Atlanta airport. There’s a chance one of them will screw up at some point, leading to your accident.

And when they do, it’s challenging to even identify who is liable….unless you have an experienced Atlanta airport injury lawyer by your side.

You’ll be able to not just identify the liable party, but also get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses.

Hurt in a Travel Accident?

Find Out What Your Case is Worth From Your Georgia Accident.

Common Accidents at Atlanta Airport

Under premises liability laws, it’s the duty of the airport management to provide all passengers and workers a safe environment. You can hold them liable if they fail to fulfill this duty.

Slip-and-fall injuries are the most widely reported airport accidents.

They don’t sound like a big deal, but that’s only if you get away with a few scrapes and bruises. They can have devastating consequences like broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, neck injuries, herniated discs, and internal bleeding.

The moment you slip, your life is literally in the middle of a coin toss.

Here are some airport locations to watch out for that report a lot of slip-and-fall accidents:

  • Food Courts – Food courts are a confusing mix of a takeaway and dine-in service style. You see loads of passengers shuffling back and forth from food counters to their table in a huge common dining space.
    It’s easy to spill food and liquids while doing this. Unless you’re watching every step, you may slip on this waste and fall.
  • Escalators – Atlanta airport still uses a lot of old escalators that require regular maintenance. You may end up falling on the rolling jagged steps if a piece of your cloth or shoe gets caught up in the escalator.
  • Bathrooms – Airport bathrooms usually have dedicated attendants to ensure they’re safe and clean to use for passengers. However, they may end up missing certain areas or forgetting about putting up ‘Wet Floor’ warning signs while cleaning.
  • Aircraft jetway bridge for boarding and deplaning.Malfunctioning Jetways – Jetways or aircraft bridges were designed to make the boarding and deplaning process more efficient.
    You may end up falling if the jetway is overcrowded or improperly aligned with the aircraft door.
  • Plane Train – The Atlanta airport Plane Train is the lifeline connecting passengers to their boarding gates within minutes.
    Most passengers end up using it, which means it stays overcrowded most of the time. The excess crowd coupled with the jerky braking mechanism makes it easy to lose balance and fall.

Other Possible Causes of Injury at Atlanta Airport

Here are a few more causes of injuries at Atlanta airport:

  • Damaged Flooring – Want to know what are the ingredients of a recipe of a disastrous slip-and-fall case?
    Rippled carpets, slippery tiling, damaged stairs, uneven sidewalks, and loose handrails. Any one of these issues is enough to lead to a major injury.
  • Adverse Weather Conditions – Most airport terminals provide a safe refuge under all weather conditions. But there are some areas of the terminal partially open for staff and passengers to transit.
    During a storm, a lot of debris may roll into the terminal and injure passengers. It’s possible that there are several leakages in the airport roof during heavy rainfall leading to a sharp rise in slip-and-fall cases.
  • Construction Areas – The Atlanta airport is scheduled to undergo major renovation over the next few years. Any negligence in marking the construction areas or putting up proper signage can endanger a lot of lives.
    You don’t want to be strolling with your luggage cart in the middle of a construction debris field.
  • Parking Lots – Busy parking lots that aren’t properly maintained or marked with proper signage can be a hotbed for accidents.
    There are usually more cases of cars running into pedestrians than cars running into cars at airports. Naturally, the severity of injuries can be a lot worse.
  • Airport Passenger/Luggage Carts – Most passengers think they’re safe once they’re off the road and inside the terminal. It doesn’t mean you can’t suffer a serious vehicle injury inside.
    Airport passengers/luggage carts are deceptively fast and silent. You don’t hear them sneaking up on you. If you make a sudden move and get in its way, you can suffer a serious injury.
  • Poor Security – A lack of airport security makes passengers an easy target for thieves and assault. You may get injured in a confrontation or manhandled by a poorly managed crowd if there’s no staff to handle the situation.

Assistance Provided by Atlanta Airport in Case of Injury

Here are four important steps to take if you get injured at Atlanta airport:

Medical authorities escorting injured passenger in a wheelchair.1. Seek urgent medical aid – Report your injury to the airport management staff immediately. They will give you first aid and contact emergency medical authorities. They will also help transport you to the closest hospital.

Getting a proper diagnosis and treatment on time is also critical to building your injury claim.

2. Gather evidence – Take pictures and videos of the accident scene to document the cause and conditions of the accident. Get the names and contact details of anyone involved in the accident along with eyewitness details.

3. File an accident report – Give the airport manager all the details about the incident without getting into any discussions about liability. Don’t sign any report without a lawyer present. It may be a way for them to escape liability.

4. Hire an experienced Atlanta airport injury lawyer – This is the final step you’ll need to personally take to get compensated for your damages. Your lawyer will handle everything from collecting evidence, filing your claim, negotiating with insurers and lawyers, and taking your case to trial if necessary.

They’ll figure out the fastest and most effective legal strategy to get what you deserve while you peacefully recover.

Hurt in a Travel Accident?

Find Out What Your Case is Worth From Your Georgia Accident.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I am injured at Atlanta Airport?

Here are a few essential steps to take if you get injured at Atlanta airport:

  • Seek urgent medical aid
  • Collect evidence
  • File an accident report with the airport manager
  • Hire an experienced Atlanta airport injury lawyer

How long do I have to file a personal injury lawsuit?

In Georgia, you can typically file a personal injury lawsuit typically within two years of the date of the injury.

There are exceptions in certain cases. It’s best to consult your lawyer to figure out if you still qualify for an airport injury lawsuit.

Should I speak to an attorney if I am injured at Atlanta Airport?

Yes. It’s best to consult an attorney before the liable party’s insurance agents and lawyers contact you.

Your lawyer will protect your rights and take prompt legal action to fast track your path to fair compensation.

Can I sue Atlanta Airport if I am injured on their premises?

Yes. You can sue Atlanta airport management if you were injured on their premises due to their negligence.

What damages can I recover if I am injured at Atlanta Airport?

Here are the common types of damages you can get compensated for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Scarring and disabilities
  • Mental anguish

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney in Georgia?

Absolutely nothing! You can hire our personal injury attorney without paying for any legal expenses until your case is settled.

You only have to pay a fixed percentage of your settlement once our lawyer wins your case.

Can I file a lawsuit if the injury happened during adverse weather conditions?

Yes. You can consult with your lawyer and file a lawsuit even if your injury happened during adverse weather conditions.

Airport construction companies and management are responsible for ensuring the building meets safety standards in the face of rough weather.

If they fail to meet these codes or schedule essential maintenance, you can hold them liable for your injuries.

What should I do if I witness an accident at Atlanta Airport?

Contact the airport management immediately to report the accident. You should then check up on the injured victims to review their injuries.

It’ll be really helpful to both the victim and airport management if you could document the accident scene through pictures or videos.

Once you’ve done this, you can even exchange your contact details with the parties involved to provide eyewitness statements if necessary.

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