Scarring and Abrasions from a Georgia Auto Accident

Last updated Thursday, September 28th, 2023

Did You Sustain Scarring or Skin Abrasions From a Car Accident?

Bodily Scarring

Can I Get Money if an Auto Accident Left Scars (or marks) on My Skin?

You might be able to receive money if scarring and abrasions from a car accident left marks on your skin. I understand how frustrating handling your Georgia auto accident can be, especially if you are dealing with an injury that leaves permanent scarring. Scars stemming from an auto accident can drastically change your life forever not only physically, but also emotionally. This type of injury from a car wreck is unique in the sense that it can leave you with scarring or cosmetic disfigurement that can negatively impact your everyday life. Scarring can affect how you view yourself and how others view you.

Following a Georgia auto accident, you may need reconstructive plastic surgery to repair the damage done during the wreck such as a broken nose, orbital bone, or jaw. If a car crash is severe, you may suffer scarring on your face, arms, legs, or torso. Scarring may even occur due to surgery to repair your injuries stemming from the crash.

If you were left with scarring or permanent damage to your skin or extremities you may be entitled to compensation for your permanent injuries. The tips listed below may help you in filing a successful auto accident claim.

  • Keep accurate records. This includes any documentation of surgeries to help correct your injuries.
  • Take photos. Pictures of your injuries at the time of the accident and throughout the healing process can strongly impact your final settlement.
  • Seek medical attention. You may need plastic surgery to repair injuries stemming from the accident.
  • Get the advice of a Hiram car accident lawyer with experience handling car accident claims where the victim suffered scarring or disfigurement.

Road Rash

I was in a motorcycle accident and got road rash when I got thrown off the bike. Can I be compensated for this?

I have had several clients who suffered from road rash. I know from them that it can be extraordinarily painful. It’s important to take lots of photos of your road rash injury right after it happens to show how serious it is. This is important because, over time, most road rash will heal.

There are three different degrees of road rash injuries:

  • First Degree
    • Skin is red, and looks like a rug burn, no medical treatment is needed
    • Treatment: First and second-degree road rash can be treated at home. The injury should be thoroughly washed of all dirt and debris. Then, clean the wound with soap and water and dry with a soft towel. Do not scrub the injury. This could cause more scarring. The wound may be treated with an antibiotic ointment and bandaged to promote faster healing.
  • Second Degree
    • An outer layer of the skin is broken
    • The underlying skin remains intact
    • Minimal scarring
    • It May be treated with over-the-counter products
    • Treatment: same as first degree
  • Third Degree
    • All five layers of skin are open
    • Susceptible to infections and severe scarring
    • Needs to be cleaned and treated by a medical professional
    • Treatment: Seek medical treatment immediately. If timely treatment does not occur, permanent damage to the muscles and tissues and infection can result. A third-degree injury may require surgery and physical therapy.

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DISCLAIMER: It is important to note that this is general information, and should not be considered “legal advice.” I have been handling personal injury cases for many years, and can offer general answers to common questions, but please do not construe anything on this website to be legal advice about your case. Each case is different. An attorney can only give legal advice when he or she understands the facts involved in your caseThere are also strict time limitations on filing a personal injury claim. You should contact a personal injury attorney immediately if you have questions about your case.

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